Minimize risk with the only platform built to manage and track your online legal terms.

Electronic Signature (esignature) and Clickwrap Integration

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Are you a developer? Track clickwrap agreements in your app in minutes → Get a Free API Key


Take control of changes to your online legal terms and privacy policies, and compare versions in real-time.

Tired of waiting to deploy updates to your Terms of Service or Privacy Policy? Take control of your cloud based contracts so you can make changes on your own schedule, without the need to get engineering teams involved.

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Easy contract editing


No more legal records in the bowels of IT.  

Copy. Paste. Automated, easy-to-access records.

Embed our snippet on your website or app to automatically track who accepts your clickwrap agreement, what version, and more in detail. Track any important legal event in our tamper-proof third-party legal database. At a push of a button, you'll be able to generate a record of clickwrap acceptance. 

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Customize and send your online legal terms and more for super simple review and signature.

Need to customize and attach your Terms of Use to an order form? Need to send an SLA? Make your contract review, negotiation, and signature process as simple as can be. With a mobile-first signing experience that can be tightly integrated into your website or app provisioning system.

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Revise and analyze contracts with our contract management tools


Customize branding and presentation styles of clickwraps.

Tools to publish how the layout of agreements are presented to customers with one click. 

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Customize the brand of your contracts and style how your clickwraps are presented

Your legal system of record awaits.


Clickwrap eSignature

Electronic acceptance of contracts with the click (or tap) of a button, on the go, wherever you are.


Mobile Contract Review

Contracts presented specifically for reviewing and signing on any device. Without pinching in and out.


Compliant with the E-SIGN Act

Our click-to-sign solution is compliant with the E-SIGN Act and UETA. Learn about it here.


Contract Dashboards

Track your progress as you send and sign contracts for yourself and your entire business.


Administrative Reports

Analyze trends in contract language across your business, and renegotiate contracts that deviate from your risk profile.


Track All Contract Activities

Get immediate insight into your signer's progress and track customizable activities to get the data that matters to you.


Automated Version Management

Track versions and customizations of contract templates over time across customers, clients, or partners.


Redline in Real-time

Mark up documents and submit revisions while having a conversation, tracked and applied immediately.


Enterprise Ready

Manage multiple brands, business units, roles, or geographies with a flexible configuration suitable for any enterprise.


Copy/Paste Javascript Library

Not only is our library easy to implement, it's incredibly flexible to plug into your app in a way that meets your code or workflow.


Dedicated Activity Events API

Our Activity API makes logging events (and retrieving important data) from PactSafe simple, fast, and scalable. In less than 50 milliseconds.


API-first Product Development

A complete REST API that can integrate deeply into your own apps, CRM, ecommerce system, and more.