Old school.

Contracts are a burden.

So much time is wasted finding document-based contracts, tracking legal events and eSignatures, and juggling ad hoc processes. It’s cumbersome, clunky, and elevates your risk.


Old School: Contracts, Documents, Esignatures, Mess

New world.

Contracts are data, and processes are tailored to your business.

The contract experience is managed from one place. Data is centralized and actionable, tracking is inherent, and processes are automated. Time is saved. Risks are mitigated.



New World: Frictionless, Seamless Contract Execution

Empower your business to approach contracts differently.

Treating contracts as data enables a better contract experience—for you and the people you contract with.

With the PactSafe contract execution platform, you can:

  • Contract where and how you engage your customers, vendors, partners and employees.
  • Automate everything about contract management
  • Enables custom workflows that support your business processes
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The Contract Execution Platform

The Only Contract Execution Platform


Enable custom processes for seamless contract execution.


Unlock and embed contract execution processes within existing business workflows.


Centralize and manage all contract and transaction data.

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No matter where you are in your contract journey,
from simple digital acceptance to complex contract processes,
PactSafe is here to guide you.

eSignature and more


Leverage PactSafe to send contracts, standardized terms, NDAs and order forms that are accepted through eSignature, SMS or "click-to-accept." Enable your teams to send contracts without leaving Salesforce or other CRM systems.

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Seamlessly execute contracts on your website or mobile app through the click-through acceptance process at purchase, account creation, login or app download. Give legal teams full control over their own contract versions and updates.

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Fully Embedded


Create a completely seamless, cross-channel selling and onboarding contract experience for your business. Integrate and fully embed your ideal, custom contract processes that fit your business workflows, internal teams, and customers.

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CDW: Fully Embedded using the PactSafe Contract Execution Platform




hours saved


faster execution




PactSafe is your legal system of record to give you confidence in your end-to-end contract experience.

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Our business has expanded in recent months as well, and PactSafe is allowing us to pivot quickly as things are changing.

Nicole Kennedy of Zen Planner

Nicole Kennedy

Director of Finance, Zen Planner