Embrace the most secure, innovative, and efficient ways to transact online.

PactSafe is a Clickwrap Transaction Platform that safely and securely speeds up online transactions and commerce.

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Simplify your high volume agreements with a Clickwrap Transaction Platform.

Clickwrap Transaction Platforms enable the creation, management, acceptance or signature, and archiving of high volume agreements like terms and conditions. Read more in the Aragon Research note “The Rise of Clickwrap Transaction Platforms: Act Now or Lose the Battle for Secure eCommerce.”

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Ditch rigid PDFs and drive growth with more dynamic workflows built for mobile.

Streamline the creation of your agreements by 82% or more using customer data, apps, and automation. Click, send, and get signatures faster at a higher conversion rate—getting you to your growth goals.

Bonus: Use clickwrap agreements to convert faster and make it easier for your customers to sign.

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Create superior online transaction workflows that speed up conversion.

Build mobile-optimized experiences that do more for your team and require less work to set live and manage. Using clickwrap agreements makes it easier for your customers to sign and empower your team to move fast and continue to grow.

101 Ways to Use Clickwrap Agreements
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Protect your business with the records that you need to enforce clickwrap transactions.

Securely manage and archive records for millions of clickwrap transactions and their corresponding screenshots. No stress and completely automated without bogging down technical resources.

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Control all web and mobile legal content without IT.

Reduce manual steps required to publish business terms and conditions online by 68% or more. Use the terms in clickwrap agreements that improve your customer experience securely.

See how customers rely on PactSafe to help them move fast and stay safe with their contracts.

“It’s exactly the future state I envisioned.”
Kathy Zhu Director, Head of Commercial at DoorDash
“PactSafe facilitates productivity and a streamlined process. The benefits reach across our entire organization and become exponentially more valuable as we use it for additional departments.”
Alisha Meehan Sales and Finance Operations Admin at Pondurance
“PactSafe is what signing documents should be; fast, flexible, modern and intuitive.”
George Waked Sales Operations Manager
“The features and flexibility allow us to incorporate specific agreements directly in multiple customer accounts, reducing the time and volume needed to maintain all our customer records.”
Matt Gard VP of Finance, Formstack

Work faster, cheaper, and safer with PactSafe

Companies like DoorDash, Wayfair, ExtraSpace Storage, Angie's List, Formstack, and more have trusted PactSafe to guide them to better ways to transact online. See how we can help with a quick conversation and demo.

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