Wasting Time.

How much time is wasted chasing signatures? Emailing bulky PDFs? Searching for signed contracts? Stop wasting time and putting your business at risk.



Old School: Contracts, Documents, Esignatures, Mess


Optimizing Signing Workflows.

Contracts should work for you. PactSafe delivers contracts anywhere for seamless and frictioness signing. Versions and records are automated and centralized. 

Time is saved. Risk is mitigated.



New World: Frictionless, Seamless Contract Execution

Seamless workflows and fast, frictionless signing methods

PactSafe’s unrivaled modern signing methods get contracts signed faster than ever before. Frictionless signing lets you choose how your customers sign, making them happy and saving you time and money.

Signing methods include eSignature, text-to-sign, click-to-accept, SmartPacts, and more!

Once a contract is signed PactSafe instantly creates a legally enforceable record - guaranteed.


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Workflow integrations that are flexible, simple and secure. 

The PactSafe platform comes with powerful integrations that allow you to automate everything about your contract signing workflows. Integations include Saleforce and other CRMs, Slack and other messaging platforms, eCommerce platforms and more.

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Enforceable Clickthrough Legal Terms.

PactSafe is the only platform that makes online legal terms and privacy policies enforceable and simple to manage. Just plug in PactSafe's clickthrough API and in seconds and you can start treating your clickthrough legal terms the way they should be real contracts. 


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hours saved


faster execution




PactSafe automates and optimizes your signing workflows.

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Our business has expanded in recent months as well, and PactSafe is allowing us to pivot quickly as things are changing.

Nicole Kennedy of Zen Planner

Nicole Kennedy

Director of Finance, Zen Planner