Wasting Time.

How much time is wasted chasing signatures? Emailing bulky PDFs? Searching for signed contracts? Stop wasting time and putting your business at risk.



Old School: Contracts, Documents, Esignatures, Mess


Modernizing Contract Acceptance.

Contracts should work for you. Winning businesses use PactSafe to make contract acceptance a seamless part of doing business.

Time is saved. Risk is mitigated.



New World: Frictionless, Seamless Contract Execution

Seamless contract acceptance becomes your competitive advantage.

  • Get signatures on contracts in new, modern ways that are as easy as sending a text or tapping a button.
  • Make contract signature, acceptance, and consent a part of every experience instead of a formality.
  • Make your business more self-service by embedding enforceable contract acceptance into apps you already have.


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Discover and build your ideal acceptance workflow with our API and integrations.

Automate everything about your contract signing workflows. Integrations include Salesforce and other CRMs, Slack and other messaging platforms, eCommerce platforms and more.

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Your business becomes self-service and scalable with click-through agreements.

  • Make click-through agreements legally binding contracts for your business.
  • Control terms that you publish online using the Legal Center Manager.
  • Search for a signed contract or record of consent in seconds.
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agreement events


hours saved


faster execution




PactSafe automates and optimizes your signing workflows.

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Our business has expanded in recent months as well, and PactSafe is allowing us to pivot quickly as things are changing.

Nicole Kennedy of Zen Planner

Nicole Kennedy

Director of Finance, Zen Planner