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Protect your apps and websites from legal risk. The legal API and system of record for any application.

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Unify hard to track SaaS and sales contracts

Scale your contract process without

Make legal easy for your engineering team

Our platform allows you to easily manage, track and deploy contracts to clickwraps or send them for signature.

Execute contracts at massive scale with automated and centralized recordkeeping.

A robust clickwrap and legal API makes integration to your website and apps fast and simple.



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Manage contracts that you need to send for electronic signature (eSignature)

Automated recordkeeping for clickwrap agreements

Mobile-first design                  

Integrated eSignatures

Automatically manage versions

Eliminate repetition with Templates

Contract analytics dashboard

Track all contracts to a single signer

A single cloud based repository

All in the cloud, securely hosted and highly available. Want to learn more? Take the tour.

We had PactSafe up and running in a single day, and the platform is now invaluable to us and has saved us an incredible amount of time, effort, and potential legal battles.

Duane Hunt
VP Ops at Formstack

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What is "Click-to-Sign" Electronic Signature?

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Click-to-Sign eSignature