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The Problem

With a low cost service and the need for a quick turnaround on contracts, TagStations legal counsel and sales team wanted to find a solution to “shrinkwrap” the contract process so that it was less prone to negotiation. Ultimately, finding a way to eliminate as much of the red-line process as possible would help both teams save time and money. What they needed was to find a service that would not only solve their problem, but also help in presenting contracts in a clean, mobile and simple way within an app. And of course, ensuring rock solid record keeping was a must for the legal team.

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About the Case Study

In this case study you'll read how TagStation was able to enhance the onboarding experience of their customers by eliminating pain points throughout the entire sales process by using PactSafe. 

Case study breakdown:

  • About TagSation and the problem they faced before using PactSafe
  • The implementation of "Click-to-Accept" eSignature
  • How TagStation integrated click-through contracts
  • Success TagStation has acheived since implementing PactSafe
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