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Your customers aren't tied to a desk anymore. With the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, they're more mobile, connected and on-the-move than ever before. Updating your sales contract acceptance process introduces a massive opportunity to increase sales velocity and provide a better customer experience. PactSafe helps you do that and more.

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I think that the real magic right now, speaking from the sales team’s reaction to it, is the ability to send a two page sales order form that says click-to-accept as opposed to an 18 page contract that took some work to navigate. We decided to reimagine our MLA and PactSafe’s platform and its ability to deliver a sales order form is probably the biggest game changer.


Mike LaVilla

COO / CampMinder

Salesforce Integration

Connect to all of your PactSafe contract templates and quickly send them for acceptance from a Salesforce Opportunity, Account, or Contact with any of PactSafe’s modern acceptance methods. It's everything you're familiar with from PactSafe directly inside your favorite CRM.


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More ways to accept

The more ways you can deliver and present a contract to customers, the more enjoyable you make the experience. You'll also close more deals faster. Utilize one of PactSafe's modern acceptance methods:chat-to-sign with Drift or Intercom, click-to-sign, text-to-sign, and more.

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