Close deals

Make the signature process faster! Utilize one of PactSafe's mondern signing methods: electronic signature, click-to-sign, text-to-sign and more. 


Remove internal friction with smart approval workflows for all of your contracts. Ease contract management pain with centralized and automated recordkeeping.


Streamline processes by integrating with popular CRMs like Salesforce, Dynamics, Oracle, and more!  

Get contracts signed faster and protect your business with automated recordkeeping.

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Streamline Your Sales Process

PactSafe is a powerful platform for sales contracts. After a quick integration with your favorite CRM, you can configure quotes and contracts, and then send them out for signature instantly.

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Automated Recordkeeping

The PactSafe API embeds seamlessly into sales workflows to track acceptance and other important legal events. PactSafe also provides 3rd-party, immutable PDF records, for every single user — created at the moment of acceptance.


Seamless Integration

Add a better solution to your tech stack without adding another login and password for your team to remember. PactSafe's API-first mindset means we've built a solution that integrates seamlessly to everything from CRMs to storage repositories. Sales reps can compose, get approval, send, and get an agreement signed in seconds.


Complete Control

An agile system is necessary for the needs of a global audience and ever changing regulations. The PactSafe platform allows you to make changes, publish updates, and prompt different provisions based on region and customer type. PactSafe integrations makes importing updates simple.

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