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The UX of a SaaS product can be a significant competitive differentiator. Make sure that high quality experience extends to your contracting experiences. With PactSafe, SaaS teams are in control of their signers' user experience. From lightly personalized sales contracts to high-velocity self-service ToS workflows, PactSafe's APIs, contract delivery and acceptance methods helps you close more deals faster.

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Pactsafe's b2b saas customers have reduced sales time while  enhancing the user experience.

automated recordkeeping

The PactSafe API embeds seamlessly into SaaS workflows to track acceptance and other important legal events. PactSafe also provides 3rd-party, immutable PDF records, for every single user — created at the moment of acceptance.


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Quality UX Contract Acceptance

Think beyond eSignature and start designing the modern user experience your customers expect. Acceptance methods include text-to-sign, click-to-accept, clickthrough agreements and more. Give some of our most popular signing methods a test by clicking the button below. 

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