Case Study: Adore Me - Scaling Growth with Click-through Agreements

Through PactSafe’s click-through solution, Adore Me was able to automate the tracking processes of user agreements, saving time and manpower – two of the most valuable resources at a startup. By utilizing click-through agreements, Adore Me created seamless and automated workflows by easily plugging PactSafe's platform into its existing tech stack. 

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Three Ways to Manage Legal Risk Through Your Digital Transformation

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TagStation was able to see great success in shortening their sales process and eliminating red lines with PactSafe.

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The Definitive Guide to Website Legal Agreements

Your one-stop shop for how to create binding, one-to-many digital agreements online.

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Clickwraps & Browsewraps: What you Need to Know to Protect Yourself

In this eBook, we lay out the best practices for protecting your company with web-based legal agreements, as well as making versioning and tracking your terms of service a breeze.

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Case Study: The Formstack Clickwrap

Learn how Formstack was able to use PactSafe in less than a day to add an electronic record of contract to all of their sign up forms. 

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