PactSafe Plans & Pricing

Select any individual plan or bundle multiple products to simplify contracting across your entire business 




Unlimited acceptances via email or SMS for clickwrap or e-signature.


Deliver standardized contracts for acceptance without IT involvement.


Enforce contracts embedded in your web & mobile apps.

  Annual plans starting at: Annual plans starting at: Annual Plans starting at:
Starter $25/mo per user $167/mo Plans start at SMB


SMS & Email Delivery Options

5 Templates

Up to 3 Admins

1 Use Case

1,000 Executed Contracts

$375/mo $499/mo $999/mo

15 Senders

Unlimited Admins

Unlimited Contracts

In-person Signing Options

10 Templates

Unlimited Admins

3 Use Cases

Agreements Hosted & Delivered by PactSafe

Unlimited Admins

3 Clickwrap Agreements

SDK, API & Sandbox Access

Custom Metadata Options

Legal Center


$1,677/mo Custom Pricing Custom Pricing

50 Senders

Salesforce Integration

Custom Workflows

Premium Delivery Channels

Rest API Access/Sandbox

15 Use Cases

Advanced Workflow Support

Unlimited Acceptances

Multiple Legal Centers

Advanced Branding/Configuration

Unlimited Agreements

Unlimited Acceptances

Stored Snapshots

Custom Branding

SLA & Annual Reviews


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Request a Demo

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PactSafe Add-Ons

Beyond simply offering eSignature, PactSafe provides a comprehensive contracting platform that allows you to create, distribute, collect and enforce all of your organization’s legal agreements.  Embrace a centralized approach to contract management and updates while benefiting from a solution that provides actionable insight into the entire process.

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You won’t overpay:


The typical pay-per-agreement pricing model is not ideal for growing businesses that need a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective solution for contract acceptance.


Superior Clickwrap


Unlike other e-signature providers, PactSafe offers a comprehensive clickwrap solution   built and priced to scale with easy API setup.

Easier Versioning:


Save time by versioning contracts in app in real time instead of voiding and uploading new documents.


No PDF's


PDF's offer poor UX, limited version control and inaccessible data.  Enjoy simple click-to-sign agreements your users will love. It's 2020 after all.

Faster signing:


Your customers are on-the-go, your contracts should be, too. Get contracts signed faster and easier by sending straight to your clients’ mobile device with text-to-sign


Intuitive Workflows


Your time is important and we care deeply about cutting edge design and UX. Setting up documents should be fast and easy. Period.