Centralize and manage all contract and transaction data.

Contract ActivityGet immediate insight into your signer’s progress and track customizable activities.

Contract Data FieldsSearch, report, and take action on any contract element.

Version ManagementAutomatically track versions and edits of contract templates across customers, clients, or partners.

Contract DashboardsTrack progress as you send and sign contracts for yourself and your business.

Vault Features:
  • Contract data
  • Legal events
  • Templates


  • Transaction Records
  • Signer profiles
  • History
Vault from PactSafe


Enable custom contract processes for seamless execution.

Cross-channel Contract ExecutionContract with your customers where/ when and how you engage them.

eSignature and BeyondEnable contract acceptance via eSignature, the click of a button, SMS and more.

Mobile Contract ReviewSend contracts to review and sign on any device.

Real-time RedliningMark up documents and submit revisions that are tracked and applied immediately.

Transact Features:
  • Contract generation
  • Legal Center
  • Triggers & Notifications
  • Approvals
  • Hosted Agreements

  • Execution Channels:
    • Click-through
    • Click-to-accept
    • Reply-to-accept (SMS)
    • eSignature


Unlock and embed your contract process within your organization.

Flexible ConfigurationManage multiple brands, business units, roles, or geographies.

Copy/Paste Javascript LibraryImplement and apply our libraries into your app or site in a way that meets your needs.

Dedicated Activity Events APILog events (and retrieve important data) in less than 50 milliseconds.

API-first Product DevelopmentIntegrate a complete REST API deeply into your own apps, CRM, ecommerce systems, and more.

Key Features:

  • API
  • Common UI Components
  • Experience Configuration
  • Integrations


  • Developer Toolkit
    • JavaScript Library
    • Testing UI
    • Documentation
Developer Resources
Key from PactSafe


Gain insight with automated, accurate, and secure record keeping.

Analytics from PactSafe

Discover and manage contract progress and issues.

Analytics from PactSafe

See who accepted what, when, where, and how so you can address and issue before it gets to a point of dispute resolution.

Analytics from PactSafe

Make contracts obvious to all stakeholders in the process.

PactSafe is your legal system of record to give you confidence in your end-to-end contract experience.

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PactSafe allows for the acceptance process with the client to happen in a matter of seconds for what use to take hours if not days. The PactSafe team has provided CDW many custom integrations that will allow for a truly unique, fully digitized and frictionless contract acceptance experience for our clients.

David Gonzalez

Delivery Manager, CDW