The Most Modern Signing Methods.

PactSafe has more modern signing methods than any other signature platform and an API capable of powering automated contract signing at massive scale. Experience truly frictionless signing that makes contracts a seamless part of your business.

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Enforceable Online Contracts

Manage and track all of your online legal terms, privacy policies and more. PactSafe's click-through technology provides confidence that your online contracts are protecting your business with push-button updates, immutable audit trails, and automated records of acceptance and consent.




The Fastest Way to Sign

Say goodbye to squiggly line signatures. PactSafe's proprietary "click-to-sign" is guaranteed to be legally binding, enforceable, and faster than traditional eSignatures.


Simple, Hosted Online Contracts

Repetitive, standardized contracts (such as NDAs) can be a nightmare to manage. SmartPacts allow any business to quickly publish a contract to a mobile-friendly, branded page with a custom URL. Just send the URL and from there it's a simple: point, click, sign!



True Mobile Signatures

We live in a mobile-first world, and with PactSafe, a text message can sign a contract. No other product creates frictionless, legally binding contracts via text message.


Yes, We Do That Too!

For a more familiar electronic signing experience, contracts can be uploaded and sent to be signed with an eSignature. In fact, the PactSafe platform's eSignature capability is so robust that it powers! 


Get Contracts Signed

Where, When and How You Engage.

The best way to get a contract signed is by presenting it at the optimal point of engagement. With PactSafe, stop sending contracts and start embedding them into your apps and other points of electronic engagement. With one click, contracts can be ready for review and signed by your customers anywhere.


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Build a Signing Flow

Optimized for Your Business.

Transforming your contracting process can save your business thousands of hours and millions of dollars. Say goodbye to friction and ad-hoc processes. Say hello to seamless contracting.

See what’s possible by sending an NDA with (built entirely on the PactSafe platform)


Centralized and automated recordkeeping keeps you safe.

Behind every API call, click, tap, or eSignature, is a state-of-the-art electronic recordkeeping system that removes any questions about legality and security. Built for compliance with all major electronic signature laws, and backed by encrypted, immutable records, you can be confident that your contracts are safe, secure, and legally binding.
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PactSafe allows for the acceptance process with the client to happen in a matter of seconds for what use to take hours if not days. The PactSafe team has provided CDW with many custom integrations that will allow for a truly unique, fully digitized, and frictionless contract acceptance experience for our clients.

David Gonzalez

Delivery Manager, CDW