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No one likes busy work 

PactSafe helps legal teams reduce time spent on simple matters like negotiating small contracts, correcting errors, chasing signers, and approving low-level agreements by transforming them into low-touch, high-velocity agreements. 

PactSafe's flexibility allows for maximum efficiency. Think self-service, clickthrough NDAs, smaller sales agreements signed with a click, and redline and workflow tools for enterprise SOWs. 

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Have you thought about moving to clickthrough agreements? Here's what you need to know: 

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Complete Control

PactSafe is a comprehensive contract acceptance platform that scales with your business and its evolving legal needs. From the ability to publish and update your online legal terms without having to wait for internal development involvement, to standardizing simple legal agreements and processing a high volume of contracts, legal teams are in complete control and have confidence that their online legal terms are secure.


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Secure Automated Recordkeeping

You're only moments away from knowing who has accepted what version of your online terms. PactSafe produces a tamper-proof record of every contract acceptance the moment it happens. Legal teams have immediate visibility and insights into the acceptance of their terms allowing them to proactively manage risk and protect their business from legal disputes before they arise.

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Publish Online Legal Centers

Publish contracts online for your customers to review and accept, and make changes whenever your need to with the press of a button. Take control of your contracts and makes changes on your own schedule without having to wait on your engineering team.


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