66% of legal teams spend too much time on simple contracts. 83% of the rest of the organization still hates the process.




Protect the risk profile, while your business moves faster.

Track, manage, and deploy click-to-accept agreements inside and outside of your website.


Capture opt-ins & opt-outs. Update global policies in seconds. Make changes. Gain acceptances whenever and however necessary.

Be ahead of the curve for GDPR.

Why do you need a software system for your online legal terms & conditions?

It's a common question. Not knowing the answer costs companies billions of dollars every year. Download the eBook: Clickwraps and Browsewraps - What you need to know to proctect yourself by clicking the link below.

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No one likes busy work. 

Two out of three CLOs say their legal teams spend too much time on simple matters like negotiating small contracts, correcting errors, chasing signers, and approving low-level agreements. Why? Most often, contracting tools confine companies to a single path for all agreements.

PactSafe's flexibility allows for maximum efficiency: Self-service, click-through NDAs, smaller sales agreements signed with a click, redline and workflow tools for enterprise SOWs. 


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Secure Recordkeeping

PactSafe produces a tamper-proof record of every contract acceptance the moment it happens. It's easier than every to produce enforceable legal records.


Modern Signing Methods

PactSafe offers a wide variety of enforceable signature methods. Get contracts signed faster with an eSignature, click, SMS message and more.


Track & Manage

Reduce redlining and headaches. PactSafe seamlessly manages versions, and allows for automation of complex approval processes.

PactSafe streamlines and secures your contracting process.

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