Integrate contracts into eCommerce, CRM, messaging, form building tools, and more. Create an automated, self-service signature flow for you, your team, and your signers.

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Send contracts and get signatures without leaving your CRM.

ForeScout uses PactSafe to send data-driven Evaluation Requests for its products. PactSafe saves the sales team time, keeps the Ops team happy with better data hygiene, and makes signing easy with click-to-sign.

  • Populate order forms, quotes, or contract provisions based on the contracts, products and fields you’ve added to your CRM.
  • Gain insight with reports and dashboards to easily see outstanding contracts that need to get signed.
  • Use all sorts of new, modern signing methods to get NDAs, MSAs, and more signed faster than ever before.
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Protect your business by creating a contract behind all its terms and conditions, warranties, and transactions.

Adore Me integrated PactSafe into their ecommerce system and now tracks millions of important legal events like acceptance of Terms of Use and opt in to their Privacy Policy.

  • Prevent disputes from happening by referencing your use of a third party to track acceptance of all legal terms.
  • Arm your legal team with easy to download legal terms that integrate right into your ecommerce platform.
  • Prevent credit card chargebacks for purchases or subscriptions by providing a concrete copy of legal terms.
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Shopify Plus Integration

Chatbot Integrations

So many conversations end with: “OK, I'll follow up by sending you the contract.” Why wait? Empower your team to take the high-velocity approach and make the contract a seamless part of the conversation. Instead of leaving your prospects or customers open to fall out of your funnel, drop the contract into your conversation and get acceptance before signing off.

  • Slack Integration: Works great for internal signers, partners in shared channels, and contractors or vendors.
  • Intercom Integration: Works great for high-velocity prospect & customer interactions that close quickly.
  • Custom: Have your own Live Chat? Use PactSafe's API & event engine to build your own Chat-to-Sign flow.
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Form builders

Make completing forms and signing contracts a seamless, single process that your customers, partners, and employees love.

SwervePay uses PactSafe and FormAssembly together to automate the onboarding of new vendors while simultaneously getting acceptance of unique, customized vendor terms driven by FormAssembly data and integrated into their backoffice.

  • Populate fields from your form builders right into a contract to make signatures as easy as clicking "Submit".
  • Keep data in sync by using the same data from your forms as what's populated in your contract repository.
  • Use the integrations of your form builders without any additional code or integration cost.
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Tie back events from PactSafe to other important business systems using Zapier.

Zapier provides thousands of integrations to connect business systems together. LumArc Solutions uses webhooks to notify their app when contracts are signed. You can use Zapier to:

  • Notify a Slack channel when a contract has been accepted in real-time.
  • Add an event in Intercom when a contract has been sent to be accepted.
  • Provision a new account with data from a contract when a contract is signed.

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