Do you have a plan? Non-compliance is costly.

20 Million

In high level fines or 4% of an undertaking’s worldwide annual turnover, whichever is higher.

€10 Million

In low level fines or 2% of an undertaking’s worldwide annual turnover, whichever is higher.

May 25, 2018

Date GDPR is set to come into effect. You need to implement your compliance plan prior to then.

PactSafe Can Help.

GDPR regulations affect any organization offering “goods or services to citizens in EU member nations” or “monitoring the activity of citizens in EU member nations.”

Additionally, article 7 indicates that organizations must be able to prove that EU consumers have, among other things, opted-in to or opted-out of privacy policies. PactSafe can help with your overall GDPR compliance plan as a consent tracking or management solution.

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GDPR and more!

PactSafe is a powerful GDPR consent tracking and management tool, but it can also do a lot more. We turn contracts in to data. Want to learn how we do it? Schedule a Demo with one of our Contract Solution Experts.


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Centralized Data

Changing regulations and lack of global congruence on the law demands agile systems for policy updates and jurisdiction-specific policies. Make changes, push out updates, and prompt different provisions based on region and customer type all with the PactSafe platform.


Embeded Policy Management

After a simple one-time integration, developers & product managers can take acceptance tracking completely off their plate. PactSafe's APIs and libraries make it simple to leverage as many of PactSafe's features as you'd like.

Automated Recordkeeping

PactSafe can arm you with 3rd-party, immutable PDF records for every single user or customer created right at the moment of acceptance. 

Our business has expanded in recent months as well, and PactSafe is allowing us to pivot quickly as things are changing.


Nicole Kennedy

Director of Finance, Zen Planner

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