Do Business Faster with PactSafe's Electronic Signature Solution

pactsafe electronic signature demo

PactSafe's Click-to-Sign Electronic Signature solution provides a legally binding, mobile friendly way to easily send contracts to customers for review and signature. 

How does it work?  We're glad you asked!

First - Prepare and send contract

Unlike most signature solutions, PactSafe supports easily customized contracts right inside of the PactSafe dashboard.  Once a contract is complete, there are multiple options for sending it out for electronic signature, including email and creating a hosted form. 

Second - Signer reviews and signs

Once a signer receives a contract, they can review and suggest changes or make comments inline. Once ready to sign, simply pressing "I Agree" creates a valid and binding eSignature!

Third - Record the eSignature

PactSafe automates this instantly. We track the who, what, where, when, and how in compliance with established electronic signature standards a contract is. Users have immediate access to those records whenever needed.

Loved by legal, sales, and product teams alike.