Add clickwrap agreements, legal event tracking, and legal analytics to any application.

Our Rest API, Javascript Library, and SDKs are easy to use, flexible and rich with features.      Developers can use PactSafe for free forever!

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Add the click-to-sign electronic signature to your app.

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Node.js SDK

Easily present and track your legal terms in your Node.js website or app.
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Java SDK

Integrate PactSafe into your Java Enterprise Application in no time.


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Capture acceptance in your app checkout flow

Do your customers pay for your products or services online? Every time they accept your Terms, automagically embed and capture your customer's signature, and let PactSafe take care of the rest.


Automate acceptance and create an audit trail in your SaaS workflow

Do you have a Saas product? Ensure your users accept your Saas agreement, create a legal audit trail, and automate everything about contract recordkeeping.


Speed up Employee Onboarding

Does your HR team deal in paperwork (like, real paper) in onboarding new employees? Embed click-to-sign eSignature of employee contracts in your Intranet or HRIS.


Send Sales Contracts or MNDAs from your CRM

Save tons of time by sending contracts to your signers directly from your CRM, eliminating finding documents on a Shared Drive that require email or fax.


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Formstack uses PactSafe esignature API and contract management API

Formstack tracks 500,000+ Signers

Formstack has an amazing smart form building app, and with over 500,000 signers they could never get contracts for every customer with people involved. That's why they trust PactSafe to create a digital record that's integrated into their core app experience.

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