Add contract acceptance workflow that takes legal guesswork out of your job.

Developer Toolkit

Track acceptances in Angular, React, JavaScript, Node, Java, C#, and more with our APIs.

UI Components

With JavaScript, React, or Angular, you can easily embed signature flows in your app as components.


Our product is built API-first, so you can build any contract execution workflow in your own apps.

See PactSafe's embedded contract acceptance in action with our JavaScript library PS.js:

The PS.js Library as part of Key from PactSafe

PS.js: Signatures tracked as events in JavaScript.

Our JavaScript library (and Angular and React SDKs) give you a flexible, extensible set of events you can embed into your app or website for presenting and tracking signatures or acceptance on click-through signatures.

Get started with PS.js

Click-through and eSignature API for Developers.

Ready to get started? See if PactSafe is right for you by exploring our Developer Hub.

Developer Hub
Getting Started with PS.js

RESOURCE: Getting Started with PS.js

Find out how to get started by plugging in our JavaScript library to embed contracts into your own workflows.


SDK: Plug us into your Node.js app!

Integrate PactSafe into your Node.js app using our module/SDK. Check out our code and plug us into your app in no time.

Java SDK from PactSafe

SDK: Java Enterprise Apps

Integrate PactSafe into your Java Enterprise Application in no time. Clone our Github repo and get going!

PactSafe automates and optimizes your signing workflows.

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We had PactSafe up and running in a single day, and the platform is now invaluable to us and has saved us an incredible amount of time, effort, and potential legal battles.

Duane Hunt, VP of Operations at Formstack

Duane Hunt

VP of Operations, Formstack

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