Embed click-through agreements anywhere. We'll handle the workflow. 

PactSafe gives legal teams unparalleled workflow and control over all click-through agreements and online legal terms. 

Case Study: See how Adore Me uses PactSafe to build a scalable click-through solution for its online terms while experiencing rapid growth. 

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Publish online Legal Centers.

Publish contracts online for your customers to review and accept, and make changes whenever you need to with the press of a button. Take control of your contracts and make changes on your own schedule without hassling your engineering team.

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Stop worrying about recordkeeping and production. Start reducing risk.

PactSafe arms you with 3rd-party, immutable PDF records of click-through acceptance for every single user or customer—created right at the moment of acceptance.


A click-through API built for scale.

The core of the PactSafe platform is a powerful, scalable click-through API capable of processing billions of click-through agreement acceptance events. Customers use our API for e-commerce checkout, SaaS registration, consent management, and more.



If you had to prove that 5,000,000 customers over 3 years accepted your click-through terms how would you do it? Could you do it?

Learn how to optimize your workflow!

Fight lawsuits & class actions.

Binding arbitration and class action waivers are in your click-through terms for a reason. Increase enforceability of your terms, reduce time spent producing records, and reduce costs associated defending lawsuits and class actions.


Reduce risk with enforceable terms. 

Centralized, immutable recordkeeping built for massive scale contracting (such as terms of service) prevents data mining. As easy as pulling a copy of a contract out of a file drawer (full of millions of contracts)—and faster.


GDPR compliance tools.

Automatically generate consent receipt records to demonstrate compliance and empower data subjects to view and manage consent preferences. Comprehensive GDPR consent management readiness in one platform.