How it works: Get contracts accepted in Slack & Intercom


A new chat is started.


A decision is made in real-time.


Contract is delivered to chat.


Contract is accepted in one tap.

Loved by legal, sales, and product teams alike.
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Made for Messenger.

Generate a contract in a few clicks without leaving Intercom. Get it accepted in no time.

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Make contracts better inside of Slack

Countersign contracts in Slack. Send onboarding documents for new employees. Manage change requests with clients. All without leaving Slack.

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Chat-to-sign is just the beginning.

The PactSafe platform helps companies like CDW, Upwork, BMC Software, ForeScout, and more eliminate friction, save time and money, and create innovative experiences for their customers. Why sign when you can click, chat, text, or tap?

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Prepare contracts where you and your customers are.

Prepare contracts for delivery across any channel. Find your contracts no matter where they were accepted. 
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"PactSafe’s Chat-to-Sign is a great example of how Apps in the Intercom Messenger enable companies and their customers to get more done in less time while still maintaining a great customer experience. Through Chat-to-Sign, companies are able to fluidly move from conversation to action and have their customers sign legally binding contracts within seconds! These sorts of high velocity, yet highly personalized, business dealings are the future.”

Jeff Gardner, Intercom

Jeff Gardner

Head of Platform Partnerships