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Why Your Enterprise Legal Department Needs Software

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Law school teaches you plenty. You write a mean brief. You know your de jures from your de factos from your de novos. Yet technology and software can skew pretty far from what you usually take on during your billables.

But just because software isn’t something you’re used to doesn’t mean it can’t make a huge difference for you and your team. Embracing the new tools at your disposal can help Legal smoothly interface between departments, streamline workflow, and give yourself more control over its processes.

It’s not that you can’t buy software, you just aren’t comfortable with it yet. Maybe you think you need to learn a little more or address a few niggling hang-ups before you jump in.

That’s okay. We’re here to walk you through why it’s time to make the leap.

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Legal operations in a digital world

The age of pen and paper is past its expiration date. As 21st-century business writ large moves toward prioritizing data collection and proactive solutions, Legal needs to adapt.

More and more, points of purchase exist online. Technology is intertwined into most of the contracts that are being closed today. That means it’s time for Legal to join the digital age.

Legal teams must present agreements for acceptance online and use technology to match users to their signed contracts if the need to enforce the agreement ever arises. Without the right technology, that won’t happen. And without that happening, modern business will grind to a halt. Furthermore, as more firms transition into the digital age, those stuck in the past run the risk of being left behind.

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Legal needs to handle all of Legal

Of course, the role of Legal is far too important to hand off any of the crucial technological oversight to teams that don’t have the right expertise. Taking control of your technology solution is vital to maintaining that oversight. Legal will always be in control of drafting terms and conditions for purchase technology, but without the ability to oversee how those terms and conditions are implemented, there is too much disconnect between software engineers’ code and Legal’s policies. This disconnect can cause serious issues.

Policies and agreements can change. Can you be sure that the developers and technical team have pushed the updated versions live? Can Legal ensure that the right links are going to the right places at the right times?

Risk management is what you do, and adopting the right technology will put yourself in the position to oversee and quickly solve problems while maintaining full oversight over what you do.

Legal technology can cut you the slack that you deserve

You’re always busy. With all the things that you have on your plate, finding a way to cut down your task list and find efficiencies is likely on the top of your wish list.

Finding the right software to partner with is the perfect fix.

The last things you want to wade through are manual, time-consuming, and boring tasks like billing and pushing standardized contracts. Automation was created for this very purpose. The more ways you can streamline your workload, the more time you have to dig into the bigger tasks that you should be working on. Let software handle the scut work.

But won't Legal software take away control?

There’s nothing worse than feeling like things are happening without you at the wheel. Integrating new software into your processes can make you feel like a passenger.

If you manage the process correctly, picking the right Legal software partner can reclaim control. By choosing a trustworthy partner, you can take a more active role in projects that have been shunted to Engineering and Development teams.

Whether you need control from a bird’s eye view or granular level, software can fit to your needs.

Software and Legal get a bad rap for being an oil and water combination that is inherently at odds with each other. However, these teams can help each other far more than what seems readily apparent. The modern workplace requires Legal to act outside its comfort zone. By finding the right legal software, the job will be infinitely easier. From effectively addressing common points of purchase, to improving risk management strategies, to just making the day-to-day job easier, legal software provides necessary solutions.

To learn more about why Legal needs software and how to go about purchasing it, download the eBook, The Definitive Guide to Buying Software for Legal.

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