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What to Learn from Upwork's Award-Winning Legal Team

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Upwork is the ultimate, frictionless, global freelancer marketplace

Upwork connects over 10 million freelancers across every vertical to companies in need of their expertise. 

Upwork facilitates engagements that often vary in length, location, and nature of work. They quickly realized their need for easily executable, repeatable contracts in order to scale their business and keep up with customer demand.

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Upwork recognized that building compliant contracting into a self-service flow is vital to online business.  

Upwork’s legal team wanted to make the signing experience for their standardized agreements a rapid and painless experience to better facilitate business on their platform. 

They also recognized that control of those agreements had to  reside with the legal department, for whom they were a core focus. Requiring the product team to keep pace with the solution legal was asking for would simply not be sustainable. 

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So, Upwork empowered their legal and product teams to build better contracting with PactSafe.

PactSafe powers clickwrap agreements at high volume for contracts that are dynamic, data-driven, and seamlessly embedded within your site or app.

This enables you to centralize all of the contracts and agreements that power your organization while automating acceptance tracking and simplifying the  versioning and updating of those same agreements.

Give every team what they need to succeed, all while providing your signers with a frictionless experience.


Sign-2"This software frees up the engineering team to work on our company's product and gives the legal team complete control over the Terms of Service and related agreements. It has eased the burden on everyone with respect to updating the Terms of Service, tracking Terms of Service acceptance." 

- Aurora Kaiser, Vice President, Associate General Counsel at Upwork.


Upwork has made terms management their strength and have capitalized significantly off market moment. Learn more about the benefits of good terms management and the pitfalls of doing it badly in our eBook, How Online Terms Can Make or Break Marketplace Apps

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