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What Legal Events You Should be Tracking in your Apps

7513812b-6d0f-4d20-a3f6-1bca0304ff7d.pngRather than assuming your online legal is in order, take a second to really take a look at it; are you walking the fine line of wrestling with unconscionability?

Too much work goes into developing a website and mobile apps for everything to not be completely secure. Here are four legal events that you should definitely be tracking on your website and within your mobile apps. And most importantly, they should be implemented properly.

Respondent Acceptance
Prompting users to accept online Terms is vital to securing online legal, but do you have every detail about your respondents’ acceptance? What about for every user? Within your website and mobile app, you should be able to track an identifier (like an email address) along with IP address or location to easily identify a user. Time stamps help validate when a user was prompted to agree to terms as well as when they actually accepted them.

Audit Trails
From the minute a customer begins utilizing a website or app, a company should know exactly how they are using the product. This is done through respondent audit trails, tracking all major version changes of an agreement as well as the notifications prompting users to accept these changes.

Deploying Contracts to Clickwraps
Web and mobile apps typically have Terms of Service listed somewhere. To most, “securing online legal” means defining a company’s terms and privacy policies, having a lawyer look over them, and placing them on a website or app. There is more to do after contracts are finalized - many forget this detail.

Deploy your contracts to clickwraps. This means prompt users to actively click something verifying that they’ve agreed to terms. Microscopic links in footers or hidden in drop downs of a navigation bar is not best practice. Not even close! This is why lawsuits happen. Deploying legal to clickwrap agreements is a must.  

PCI Compliant Transactions
Encryption of credit card data within a checkout flow is very strict. Non-compliance is never acceptable, but it gets even messier when it involves sensitive personal data such as identity and banking information. This is another case for a time stamp of user activity. Acquiring sensitive data in an emergency situation without a legal API tracking every single user’s activity within a website and mobile apps is close to impossible.

What Next?
The data mining required to identify any of these crucial legal events without integrating a robust clickwrap and legal API to track them for you is a hindrance. It is rigorous, time consuming, and often leads to incomplete audits of digital records. PactSafe is the only legal API and system of record built to protect apps and websites from legal risk. If you aren’t currently tracking these legal events listed, we are happy to introduce you to a cure-all solution. We want to help you move faster and automate your cloud based contract processes.   

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