Webinar Recap: What To Learn From Equifax's Mistakes


Yesterday, our own Kyle Robbins hosted a webinar covering one of the hottest topics this year... the Equifax Horror Story. 

You've heard it, right? The one about the credit bureau’s massive data breach and its attempt at keeping privacy claims out of a massive class-action? Well, that online arbitration clause was buried in its online terms, until, well -- consumers found it:

“These forced arbitration clauses are everywhere,” said Christine Hines, legislative director for the National Assn. of Consumer Advocates told the LA Times in a featured piece last month. “But I’m not sure there’s widespread knowledge of it.” 

Plaintiffs' attorneys have traditionally found success in the court by exploiting online terms and privacy notices. However, the CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) is attempting to make it harder for financial organizations and credit bureaus, like Equifax, to have them in the first place.

In Yesterday's webinar, Kyle took attendees deeper into Equifax's mistakes and what we should learn from it. Here's the break-down: 

  • The basics of creating an enforceable arbitration clause
  • How plaintiff’s attorneys are successfully getting around them
  • The value of legal & privacy transparency with your customers

Missed the webinar, but still want the details? Check out the recording below:


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