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PactSafe: The Ultimate Xtern Experience

I was selected by PactSafe to be part of the ultimate tech internship experience through Techpoint’s Xtern program this summer. I learned how to work on an agile team, build my own SDK for our API and more! 


Starting at PactSafe my biggest desires were to work for a dedicated software company where I could improve my development skills and connect with mentors. Previously I was the lead (and for a while the only) developer for a marketing company that focused on Wordpress tweaks on a multitude of sites. Working at PactSafe allowed me to work on one codebase and develop new features and fixes to improve the product. The team taught be a lot about software development best practices and provided me with valuable career advice. Michael and Adam were amazing mentors. They answered all of my questions and helped me work through any nasty bugs or corner cases I encountered.

When I started I had no experience with Backbone.js, MongoDB and only a little experience with the rest of our tech stack. However, the architecture of our application made it easy to pick up. I was even able to commit code to our codebase on my first day!

I'd never worked on an agile development team; developing features and seeing them in production two weeks later was exciting. While the size of our codebase was initially daunting, I was able to grasp it quickly. Now I feel confident and comfortable working in a large codebase concurrently with others.

While my title was Software Engineer Intern, I was treated the same as the staff developers. I had the freedom to make decisions and tweaks to core parts of our application that our customers were already using. My first project was working on a React SDK for our response API to allow any customers who use React to drop in a clickwrap or browsewrap into their website with two lines of code (you can check it out here). I had never used React so this project allowed me to start learning a new framework. Quickly releasing a product so soon after learning it was really rewarding. So far the SDK has gained a lot of traction and a few of our customers have started exploring how to leverage it in their production websites.

After finishing up the React SDK, I started working within the transact flow of our main application. I helped solve problems adding signers to a contract directly within the contract editor, improved the flow of adding fields to a contract, and helped implement an approvals flow so you can have a contract approved before it is sent to the intended recipient. Building features that helped solve real problems was exciting!

The culture at PactSafe is unmatched. Prior to my internship I considered myself a night-owl that preferred to stay up late working on side projects. Now I find myself eager to get to bed early so I can wake up and head into work!

I need to thank PactSafe for this incredible opportunity. Thank you for showing me how much fun it is to work somewhere where everyone sees the power and potential of the company's vision. This internship has played an incredible role in increasing my development skills and I can’t thank the PactSafe team enough for giving me this opportunity. I hope to keep contributing to PactSafe in the near future.

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