Proof v. Definitive Proof

The proof is in the pudding. And to establish the fact or truth of a statement, there needs to be proof. What denotes adequate proof? Proof typically comes in the form of evidence at the scene of a crime or a witness. Often times, it ends with "my word against yours."

Think about this: When an online customer is trying to cash in on a warranty or uphold the contents of their membership agreement, there aren't witnesses or any piece of tangible evidence to prove this. Therefore, how do we prove that their warranty isn't expired? Prove that their membership was paid in full? 

In today's digital age, we can work to escape the need for proof by taking care of establishing definitive proof from the conception of every agreement and transaction your customers and partners will ever take. We create definitive proof of these exchanges through full tracking of online transaction data as the only contract execution platform on the market.

Proof can be left up to interpretation; however, definitive proof lies within the analytics, encrypted, time-stamped records resulting in the most enforceable legal transactions available.

PactSafe provides definitive proof of all legal events:

  • Don’t worry about what you think is the inevitable. Rest easier knowing that your business is protected because you have immutable proof of all legal transactions.
  • Implement processes and access data you need to make your contracts tangible and enforceable.
  • You can see who accepted what, when, where, and how so you can address any issue before it gets to a point of dispute resolution.
  • Contracts are the starting point for any legal argument. Make them obvious and real to all stakeholders in the process.

Ensure confidence in your end to end contract experience with allowing PactSafe to give you confidence that all of your i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed when it comes to tracking, managing, and reporting on contract data. 

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