PactSafe launches ‘Transact’ to accelerate and transform the way businesses send, negotiate and sign contracts.

Transact speeds up the painful process of getting contracts signed with the fastest eSignature solution available.

INDIANAPOLIS, IN -- PactSafe, the Signature Acceleration Platform, announced today the launch of its new eSignature solution, Transact.  Transact combines PactSafe’s proprietary “click-to-sign” eSignature technology with easy to use contract automation and management tools to create a seamless and comprehensive contracting solution.

“The contracting process is plagued by friction and bottlenecks at nearly every phase.  Existing eSignature solutions simply digitize portions of existing ‘ink on paper’ workflows, doing very little to actually transform and accelerate business processes” said Brian Powers, CEO and co-founder of PactSafe.  “Transact changes this by making the entire process frictionless and fast, while also providing the flexibility to easily tailor the solution to the unique requirements of any business.”

“PactSafe has really simplified everything about our sales contracting process - sending contracts and getting them signed takes only a few clicks. We’ve used Transact to accelerate our sales contract cycles by 75% and save tons of time” said Sean Thorne, CEO of TalentIQ.  

Some of the key features of Transact include:

  • “Click to Sign” eSignatures that make signing a contract as simple and easy as buying something online.
  • A mobile first contracting experience that allows contract review and eSignature on the go from any mobile device.
  • Inline and real time collaboration and redlining prevent typical bottlenecks in the negotiating process.
  • Realtime contract analytics that provide insight into what is being revised, why it is being revised, and how those revisions are slowing down deals.

Transact is the second product launched as part of PactSafe’s Signature Acceleration Platform. The first product, Vault, is an industry first “legal API” that allows businesses to easily accept “click-to-sign” eSignatures on any website, mobile app or other digital platform. The combination of Vault and Transact provides a powerful solution for modern businesses that need to manage and deploy contracts in a versatile and scalable manner.

About PactSafe, Inc.

PactSafe’s signature acceleration platform is designed to simplify and automate the contracting process — from contract creation to digital execution to automated recordkeeping. PactSafe is putting business teams in control of their electronic contracts at scale — and empowering legal teams with analytical insight to help companies do business smarter and faster. For more information, see

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