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New Feature Release: Unified contract flow, customize email notifications, and advanced formatting!

A new release is here and it's time to party! Check out the new features we've added to the platform. We're really excited to add features that will bring you confidence in your contract experience. 

Contract creation—We've released some awesome new features to streamline your contract creation process. Now, instead of deciding whether you should "Upload" or "Add" a contract, you can just click "Add Contract" and upload either a PDF or a Word doc and we'll automagically decide what to do! We've streamlined contract creation to be easier than ever:

Customize email notifications—Getting too many emails? Fear not, in this release we've added the ability to customize those email notifications. Just go to your Profile and see the additional options:

Advanced formatting for Lists & Tables—We know, it's been a little annoying to manage lists and to have limited functionality for formatting the look & feel of tables. We've begun to address that in this release with the "Advanced Formatting" pane inside our editor which gives you much more control over the styling of tables & lists. TIP: You have to click into a list or table to get the advanced formatting settings to show up!


New Features

  • Automated email notifications! Automated email reminders on open or incomplete Requests will be sent after 3, 7, and 14 days. #automagic

  • Update Version Effective Date: Many customers have asked to be able to change their effective date on a contract that is different than the date of the contract actually published. #delivered

  • Type to sign: Now instead of signing with your mouse or finger, just type to sign your name on any contract with a Signature block.

  • Create & upload come together: No more difference between PDF and HTML contracts... click "Add Contract" and drop your file in to get started. Word Docs (.docx) and PDFs are both supported!

  • Customize email notifications: Limit how many emails you get from PactSafe when your signers view, sign, or complete your Requests.

  • Advanced formatting for Lists: Yay! You can now set a start number for ordered lists, bullet colors, and more for lists. You can find this in the "Advanced Formatting" pane of the editor.

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