Ink-to-Paper Signatures Slowing Down Your Workflow? This Will Help.

Contracts don’t necessarily need the typical ink-to-paper form of signing anymore. This form of signing is definitely still used, but is being pushed aside by a faster, more efficient way of getting a contract signed and deals closed. ESignatures, which include Clickwrap agreements, (more commonly referred to as “Clickwraps”) are the little checkboxes that indicate “I Agree” to the terms and conditions of any contract out there on the market.

This is a perfectly legal way of getting a contract approved and signed. With PactSafe, you can get your contracts signed, sealed, and delivered much faster, resulting in deals closing in a more timely manner through the utilization of clickwrap agreements. Clickwraps not only make the process of getting deals signed quicker but can also help track signer approvals for any kind of contract when sent out using of PactSafe.

All in all, Clickwraps make a user’s life a lot easier by getting deals signed and processed quicker, as well as being able to track signer approval via digital recordkeeping on the back end.

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