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How to Turn a Board of Directors Written Consent Into a Clickwrap

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Each week, PactSafe will discuss and post about specific standardized agreements and how they can be turned into one-click contracts. Last week, we covered Storage Unit Rental Agreements. This week, we're focusing on the Board of Directors Written Consent Form: what it is, why its typical signing method isn't ideal, and how it can be turned into a clickwrap on the PactSafe platform.

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What is a Board of Directors Written Consent?

A Written Consent is a document that describes and records any actions taken and resolutions passed by the Board of Directors. Written consent sets forth the action taken, is signed by all the Directors and filed with the minutes of the proceedings of the Board of Directors. 

Who signs it?

All of the Directors on the Board

How is it typically signed?

Pen and Ink signature on paper then emailed or mailed to the attorney to be added to the minute book.

Why is this signing method not ideal?

This signing method is not ideal because the Directors are not always in the same space. The more Directors there are, the “messier” the signature collection process will be.

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How to turn the Written Consent of the Board of Directors into a One Click Clickwrap Contract

What is a 1-click contract?

A one click contract is like any other contract, but it’s presented in a way that allows the person signing it to do so by simply clicking on it. With very few exceptions, any contract can be signed with a single click on a website, from a phone, in an email — anywhere you meet your customers digitally, you can deliver a 1-click contract.

How does a Written Consent of the Board of Directors work as a 1-click contract?

Once the information has been completed on the Word doc, simply upload the contract into the platform and assign fields to the Directors that need to sign.

Why does a Board of Directors Written Consent work better as a 1-click contract?

It works better as a 1-click contract because signatures can be retrieved without any extra work on the Directors; printing, signing, mailing or scanning into an email. Minute books can be flawlessly maintained by the Attorney or Paralegal. Seamless transition when the time comes to transfer the business over.

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Is a 1-click contract legally binding?

1-click contracts are absolutely binding. Also known as “clickwraps,” courts have enforced millions of contracts accepted by a single click. PactSafe’s platform was built to help ensure 1-click contracts are created in compliance with all the best practices established in 1000’s of court cases over the past 20+ years.

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