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How Clickwrap Transaction Platforms Accelerate B2B Sales Cycles

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When you think about how your company handles sales contracts, what words come to mind? Automatic? Easy? Fast? A tool to accelerate B2B sales? Or do words like slow, frustrating, complicated, and wasteful sound more applicable to your situation? Regardless, a clickwrap transaction platform can accelerate your B2B sales cycle.

Linear agreement processes slow deals down to a crawl, often because enterprise companies use legacy systems and processes to complete their contracts. Rarely do they use modern contracting experiences like clickwrap agreements that standardize legal terms to make online acceptance a one-click process.

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The truth is, even eSignature slows down your sales contracts. And the longer you rely on traditional ways of doing business, the more of a liability they become moving forward. In this blog, we will highlight how you can use a clickwrap transaction platform to accelerate B2B sales.

Sales Velocity 101: Meeting Your Growth Goals

Sales velocity is a quite the buzzword in business. Everyone talks about it, but few people know what it is – or how to accelerate B2B sales cycles through its improvement. Sales velocity essentially measures how quickly you sell and close business. But while "good" sales velocity doesn’t guarantee that your business won’t get stuck behind a slow-moving deal, an organizational shift that prioritizes efficiency and value can.

This is especially true if you’re still waiting on your legal department’s approval flow or on a linear eSignature process to finish before you can start on the next step. To accelerate B2B sales cycles and revenue growth, sales teams need a solution that can help them move fast while still adhering to legal requirements.

By focusing on technology-driven contracting solutions, you can use online agreements to improve every area. You get a more comprehensive picture of where your priorities stand and how your time could be best spent.

Clickwrap Transaction Platform: Sales Contract Automation Starts Where eSignature Ends

While PDFs and emails worked perfectly fine in the past, today eSignature holds your customer experience back. Traditional contracting methods just don’t let you grow at the pace you want (or even need) to grow.

Because even if delivery is happening electronically, there’s fundamentally little difference between a PDF and a pen-and-paper agreement. All of the people, the parties, and the unnecessary steps are certainly involved. And everybody’s mindset is weeks or months of negotiations, waiting, and redlining back-and-forth before signatures.

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According to Merit Research, 73% of B2B buyers are millennials who overwhelmingly prefer buying online. For any unprepared businesses out there, that means a fast, convenient, and mobile-friendly way to view and accept the terms of a deal. And to do so through self-service tools that let them browse and buy at their own pace.

However, using a CTP, you can not only present digitally native agreements for quick signing, but also track and maintain all records and documents associated with each individual transaction

Accelerate Your B2B Sales Cycles: How DoorDash’s Did It

As the head of commercial at DoorDash, Kathy Zhu is in a unique position. Legal compliance and sales success are both her responsibilities. And she was struggling to find a process that allowed her team to rapidly process standardized online agreements.

Sales thought no process could keep up with their demands. So, they found and used workarounds that sacrificed enterprise security for speed instead. But restaurant managers rarely spend their days seated in front of a computer. So Kathy knew she needed mobile-friendly agreements with flexible acceptance methods that could be requested, delivered, and filed at a moment’s notice.

At the same time, she also needed a way to eliminate the manual work for hundreds of franchise reps. And clickwrap gave DoorDash the opportunity to do all of this – plus so much more.

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All things eSignature could never dream of doing for your business.

What’s our favorite part of the story? That Kathy gives her team everything they want while simultaneously delivering standard contract automation and compliance to legal. Accelerating B2B sales cycles and satisfying all parties involved.

To learn more about how a clickwrap transaction platform can help you achieve your business goals, check out our Comparison Chart eBook, which compares your current eSignature solution to a clickwrap transaction platform. Get your copy:

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