How can Human Resources utilize clickwrap agreements?

FinancialForce conducted a survey of HR professionals asking, “What are the major pain points you face today?” Out of the answers collected, the top two pain points were:

  • Completing manual processes and spreadsheets
  • Lack of systems integration

The solution to both of these pain points was technology adoption. New software with automation, recordkeeping and data analysis capabilities enables Human Resource Departments to streamline their workload and be much more organized.
Track all of your contract data in one place!An additional risk of having large influxes of employee data being filtered through manual processes and spreadsheets is a risk of error in compliance and analysis. If every record, agreement, training certificate is recorded through different means, that spreads Human Resources pretty thin.

What about one comprehensive system to maintain all contracts in one place?

That’s where clickwrap agreements come into play. These departments responsible for acquiring employee signatures for multiple policies, procedures, and other agreements can benefit highly from utilizing clickwraps within these documents. PactSafe allows eSignatures not only to be captured in seconds, but also incorporate automated organization through digital recordkeeping. This strategy conveniently increases productivity and organization with additional system integration capabilities via PactSafe Vault.

Clickwrap agreements allow one-click-signatures for employee acceptance and increase speed and convenience when used for operations such as:

1. Hiring:

    • Online applications
    • Letters of employment
    • Company training
    • Non-disclosure agreements
    • Non-compete agreements

2. Compensation

    • Vacation time/ Paid Time Off agreements
    • Work hour policies
    • Updating records
    • Employee benefits
      • Health insurance
      • Retirement plans
      • Transportation subsidies
      • Other company culture perks
      • Pay structures within company for management

3. Employee Relations and Performance

    • Training coordination
    • Mentoring programs
    • Employee Performance Reviews
    • Complaint Forms
    • Grievance Forms

4. Compliance

    • Federal and state benefit and compensation laws
    • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
    • Auditing
    • Injury

For an eSignature to be binding, electronic signature law requires that a signer actually intend to sign a contract. Our electronic signature solution uses clickwrap agreements to make sure that contracts are conspicuously presented alongside clear methods to electronically sign the contracts. This leaves no doubt about the signers intent to sign. Clickwrap agreements simplify the jobs of Human Resources and Talent Management representatives from acquiring employee signatures to keeping up-to-date records.

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