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Eat Your Heart Out: SaaS Products We're Craving

When you’re as hungry as we are here at PactSafe, (hungry to learn and hungry in a literal sense, i.e. our snack supply,) you find yourself staying up to speed with all the coolest SaaS trends and discoveries. Food tech is no exception. If the PactSafe team can find the good food faster, we really pay attention.

Check out these SaaS products we’re craving!

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Craft beer is a beautiful thing. Untappd recognizes this to the point where you can record every craft beer you drink and earn badges of achievement for trying beers of different countries and styles! Naturally, untappd also uses location services to show popular bars and venues nearby so you always know what’s on tap.

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Have you ever tried to recommend that one restaurant you visited near water in that one state with the amazing crab cakes? And surprisingly, no one ever visited there again, ever? That’s because forgetfulness is real. Matchbook is here to help us all remember our favorite lunch spots and evening haunts for when sensory memory isn’t enough to drop a pin in your GPS app.


If you need recipes and ingredients, Handpick Recipe App has an overwhelming breadth of food discovery information ready to guide you on your next at-home meal adventure. Start by picking whatever ingredients you have lying around your abode and dishes are manifested accordingly!

Humane Eating Project

Animal friendly dining choices can be hard to come by if you don’t know where to look. The Humane Eating Project takes the guess work out of choosing a place to eat with your vegetarian and vegan friends! The unethical restaurant meals are highlighted in red to help you remain humane and steer clear of animal unfriendly selections.


We haven’t forgotten about the wine. Exhale. This app allows you to join a community of over 20 million winos to uncork price, recommendations, and reviews of wine just by taking a picture. Make a profiles to save wines you want to try later and succeed at one of life’s rules: never go without the wine knowledge.



Get health coaching with a live nutritionist as you record your daily meals with this app. Rise gives you access to personal feedback when you submit pictures of your food throughout your day. You can customize the frequency of the personal coaching based on which subscription you plan go with!

It’s a great time to be a SaaS company and support our Software as a Service comrades! These awesome tools are as easy to check out as downloading an app. Simple! We are all about saving you time, and are constantly thinking about our next meals. We hope some of our favorite food scene SaaS products fast forward you to your next best dining experience and help make your day that much better!

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