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Does updating your website terms suck? Try this.

Isn’t it enough that your day is already filled with managing business affairs, legal affairs, and making sure that all of your clients are happy? And that barely covers the broad spectrum of what you undertake in a single day. After countless hours of drafting legal agreements, waiting for revisions and approval, managing the liaison between you and the development team to make sure changes are actually implemented and up-to-date, then still having to test the agreements on the website, you’re putting in unnecessary hours for the menial task of publishing your latest draft—not even speaking to the opportunity cost of your missed work.

With all of the work that goes into creating and executing online agreements, it’s time you owned them in an efficient and measurable way.

What if your current drafting and publishing process could be simplified? I hear you—lots of products claim they will “simplify” your workload only to add another step in your already congested process. What if simplifying your online contract process actually gave you less steps to worry about?

Creating and publishing website legal terms should consist of a simple, easy-to-use tool empowering you to draft, publish, and record acceptance of your agreement all in one place. There shouldn’t be an ongoing process seeking out developers, marketers, product managers, or countless steps and approvals.

Check out the videos below for an overview of PactSafe’s solution to these inefficiencies. When it comes to stress-free online contract management, PactSafe is a one-stop-shop. 

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Here's how you can create an agreement in PactSafe:



And here's how you take that agreement and publish it:


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