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Companies of the future series: How analytic tool Hudl adapts to consumer behavior

companies of the future hudl.pngSuccessful businesses of today are building their products and services around the consumer. Consumer behavior has dictated R&D of several affluent companies of today, driving a rapid rate of innovation. We use these forward-thinking companies to influence innovation in our own company culture at PactSafe, and through our Companies of the Future series we highlight businesses leveraging and producing technology in new and exciting ways.

Hudl is a company to watch in 2018, being a first-of-its kind solution for the sports industry. Hudl is a performance analysis tool for all sports, helping coaches and teams analyze game statistics and edit and share game video. The company currently has 5.8MM users worldwide, supporting 153K teams across 30+ sports, 2.6K+ being Division 1 and professional teams.

We featured Hudl in a recent article about industries using data to drive success, diving into how the tool’s ability to analyze game data faster and more intelligently allows for teams to improve performance at an accelerated rate. Our team’s been inspired by the company’s goal to maximize the value of existing data.

Data is at The Forefront of Success For 2018

"Big data" has been a buzz-worthy phrase used year after year, but 2018 is about leveraging existing data to prioritize improving efficiency to boost productivity more than ever before. This applies to all industries, both tech and non-tech (see our article about mobile app Solv transforming the healthcare industry and access to patient care.)

Forbes has named big data and analytics as key factors to digital transformation in 2018, quoting, "Tech giants such as Microsoft, IBM, SAS and SAP are all heavily investing in Analytics, more specifically IoT Analytics as they are seeing the power of this combination in driving new business insights across a vast array of industries and applications.” While analytics has always been a core part of a business’s success, 2018 is challenging businesses to use and leverage data in new and unique ways, disrupting standard methods of the past and transforming how companies execute success.

Hudl: Adapting to Consumer Behavior

Hudl has built its solution around the mindset of maximizing the value of sports teams’ statistical data, with a goal to improve teams’ performance without having to mine through hours of gameplay. In a recent article series, our COO dives into the importance of adapting to the needs and wants of the consumer. Forward-thinking companies that are scaling growth at impressive rates are ones that are pivoting and innovating towards their consumers.

Hudl has seen success in sports industries that are already leveraging technology. In a New York Times feature, Hudl customer Robert Westbrook of Magnolia Heights High School—whose football team uses the tool—states, “the rise of technology in football made sense for students who are accustomed to technology in every area of their lives … When children grow up with smartphones and playing Madden NFL on their Xboxes and PlayStations, [football] is more natural when the coach sends them film.”

Hudl Teach.pngCapture of Hudl's video analysis and collaboration feature.

In 2015, Hudl partnered with Nike to enhance the famous brand’s Nike+ feature. David Schriber, Nike’s VP of North America for Brand Marketing, told Forbes how the company wanted to better connect with its customers by leveraging Hudl’s analytic capabilities to deepen customer loyalty. With Nike’s 20+ years of historical data, the company set a goal to discover how to use data in new, more meaningful ways:

"We were hearing from athletes how they were using Hudl as a means to connect … The conversation and partnership [with Hudl] was natural by listening to athletes and how they wanted to connect. We are creating a forum to share, network, and be seen. We bring in credibility and access to the athlete." —Nike VP David Schriber via Forbes

Hudl: Maximizing Existing Data to Improve Performance and Efficiency

When gameplay is added to Hudl, coaches and players can collaborate and review footage. Product features include solutions for both players and coaches, allowing coaches to make immediate, live decisions on gameplay. Individual review has reporting that shows progression over time, as well as reporting that pinpoints areas for improvement. This saves coaches and players massive amounts of time reviewing gameplay, providing more time to implement new strategies and tactics.

Don't Let The Standard Stall Innovation

This marrying of sports and technology is transforming how teams communicate, train, and execute, thrusting the industry into a new way of doing things. At PactSafe, we’re big on not getting stuck on “how things have always been done”, and look to the future on how we can better serve our customers. We thrive on highlighting companies that share the same core value. If you have a business you’d like to nominate for our Company of the Future series, tweet us today @PactSafe.

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