Clickwraps That Don't Suck (Edition 1)


We write a ton on this blog about clickwrap best practices, but we rarely highlight the awesomely-most-likely-enforceable clickwraps we see. Starting today, we'll periodically be giving some love to websites that are doing it right!

Without further ado...the beautiful creation that is the AirBNB clickwrap.

If clickwrap-angels descended from the sky to create an angel-created clickwrap, AirBNB's clickwrap be thy....clickwrap. Behold, the beauty:

Video of clickwrap legal agreement for

Ummm. Wow. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways:

  1. There is no way someone gets past this without knowing they are reviewing and accepting a legal agreement. No way at all.
  2. Super clear communication of all legal agreements including updates.
  3. A checkbox AND an "Agree" button AND a "Disagree and Log Out" button. Seriously, guys, accept our legal terms or get the *&*% out! Try saying you didn't accept anything if you signup for AirBNB. Good luck!
  4. Scrollbox!! Guys, who does that?! Yes!

Some mixture of designers and lawyers got this one right. The biggest problem with clickwrap legal agreements is that they are usually designed with no consideration for 2 very important legal factors 1) notice that a legal agreement is being presented for acceptance, and 2) a clear manifestation of acceptance. That is far from the case here. All of this clickwrap-legalease doesn't seem to be affecting AirBNB's conversion rate either.

Bravo AirBNB lawyers and designers. Bravo.

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