Why Clickwrap Is the Critical Business Differentiator in 2020

Why Clickwrap is Critial for Enterprise-09

It’s 2020, and there is very little room left for manual processes. 

The customer has less patience, and as most businesses move online, customers have come to expect great user experience, fast service, and secure transactions. Businesses everywhere need to prioritize scalability and speed, especially ones that serve or hope serve do large volumes of customers.

This makes the contracts that govern your transactions of critical importance.

Traditional contract workflows are diametrically opposed to efficiency. Pen and paper, obviously, doesn’t work for quick movement. But even traditional PDF-based contracts aren’t solutions that move fast enough for your enterprise.

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Any effective contracting solution needs to be built with digital transactions at the forefront of the discussion. Each year, online business continues to grow, and a solution that doesn’t work amplify and enhance eCommerce buying experiences  fails to address the needs of your customers.

In a world where you need smart, efficient, digital contracting, clickwrap is the step forward for your enterprise. If you want to take advantage of market momentum, you need to use clickwrap to enable speed, security, and satisfying user experience for your buyers.

Clickwrap Enables Self-Service Workflows

Self-service workflows are a powerful tool to help increase the volume of sales your team is able to produce. By enabling your customers to access the contracting process from anywhere with an internet connection, your business can grow at a tremendous rate. Whether in a B2B or a B2C model, traditional contracting can be a sinkhole for your time. Replacing that kind of system with a self-service workflow helps you move faster. 

Contracts can be one of the most time intensive parts of a sale. By turning that weakness into a strength by using a lightning quick self-service workflow, you can easily set yourself apart from your competitors. But to empower that system, you need clickwrap to ensure your contracting is secure even as it moves quicker.

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Frictionless check-out processes can only occur when you rethink the way contracting should work. Your organization should move away from treating contracts like something that needs to  be redlined and negotiated through. Instead, you need to think of a contract as something that can be read and agreed to with a single click.

Clickwrap does just that. Receiving acceptance to  your agreement can be as simple as having your user check a box or click a button.

Clickwrap Helps You Move Fast and Present Enforceable Agreements

A big hurdle to cross when making the leap from traditional eSignature  to clickwrap is the fear that clickwrap is less enforceable. 

However, just because clickwrap is smoother than an old-fashioned contract doesn’t mean that it isn’t just as enforceable  when done correctly.

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Be sure to do  your due diligence when presenting your clickwrap to users. Your terms need to be clearly presented and the customer must be aware that they are entering an agreement. You also need to be able to track the terms each user agrees to and recover those agreements if you need to enforce a contract. A comprehensive clickwrap solution should have these capabilities as part of its feature set. 

In 2019, 80% of clickwrap agreements were upheld in court, proving that there is a solid track record of courts finding well-executed clickwrap to be an effective solution. 

What all of this means for your enterprise is that clickwrap dramatically reduces the likelihood that your legal team will have to spend their time preparing for court cases due to unenforceable contracts. By using a comprehensive clickwrap solution, you are proactively avoiding costly and time intensive litigation. That has tremendous downstream effects for your business.

Learning From Success: Upwork and DoorDash

Clickwrap is currently  being used by some of the largest companies in the digital space. 

Upwork processes contracts at a truly massive scale. They connect over 10 million freelancers with prospective companies. Serving that volume of users - both freelancers and clients - would be impossible using traditional eSignature or other contracting methods.

Thankfully, their use of clickwrap agreements avoids this potential hazard. Through creating standardized contracts and enabling a self-service workflow for its customers to work through, Upwork and PactSafe created a frictionless check-out system that continues to be successful even as more and more agreements are accepted.

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DoorDash, which connects restaurants to hungry patrons via a fleet of delivery drivers, similarly had a need for a system that allowed for rapid onboarding. Because restaurant owners are occasionally difficult to reach, they needed a solution that would meet them wherever they are. 

Clickwrap provided the perfect answer. Clickwrap's ease of use and rapid adoption meant that as long as a restaurant owner had an internet connection, they could safely and securely finalize the checkout process using a self-service workflow. That meant the sales team could spend less time hashing out finalized agreements and more time continuing to build its network.

Set Yourself Apart With Clickwrap

If you’re looking for a way to set yourself apart from the pack, rethinking the way your enterprise handles contracts should be one of the first items on your list. By moving off of traditional contracting models and instead modernizing your organization with clickwrap, you can move faster without sacrificing security. 

That’s an edge that can help your organization unlock its true growth potential. 

Learn more about how clickwrap enables self-service workflows, download the eBook, Becoming Self-Service: What Enterprise Tech Needs to Know.

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