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How to Deliver an Ideal Purchasing Experience for the Consumer of Today

This is the third feature in a our 6-part series from our CPO, "Thinking Like a Tech Company". This series highlights the shifts in consumer behavior and its impact on how we do business today. Here are the first two articles in this series:  Thinking Like a Tech Company Part 1: Take the Amazon Approach and How to Identify Areas of Opportunity in B2B Sales to Appease the Consumer

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Instant gratification in B2B sales has completely changed the way businesses sell their products. Checkout workflows have been simplified and, in many cases, consumers are buying and using products without even speaking to a sales representative (and they prefer it that way.) In our Thinking Like a Tech Company thought leadership series, we observe businesses that are taking “the Amazon Approach”, adapting their sales cycles and strategies to today’s consumer. We’ve identified areas of opportunity in B2B sales to appease the consumer, and in Part 3 of our series we take a look at specific examples of how to do so.

Fortune 500 company CDW, a massive IT product and services company, is one of the many enterprise businesses pivoting towards a self-service sales model to better meet customer needs. While the business has an established sales team, it also recognizes that the customer of today is well-informed, invests in research before buying, and is educated on what they are purchasing before they even speak with a sales representative.

CDW: Structuring Its Sales Cycle and Tools For Sales Teams Towards Consumer Behavior

CDW has structured its sales cycle and the tools it provides its sales teams towards consumer behavior, making it easy for the customer to purchase and for the sales team to deliver. The company has made its checkout system easy to navigate—i.e. mobile friendly—making it simple for customers to buy its products and services and also understand what they are buying and agreeing to.

On the flip side, CDW has made it equally as simple for its sales team to sell by equipping them with tech-enabled tools. Instead of collating spreadsheets and pulling documents from Dropbox or Google Drive, the company has built point-and-click order creation systems from scratch that meet their sales team's specific needs.

Pro tip: Enable your sales team with a tool that delivers instant gratification to your consumer. Use in-app notifications to trigger contracts sent to customers. Then, they can sign without leaving your native, customer-facing experiences. The result: nothing lost in email and a quicker close.

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Hubspot: Delivering an Easy Purchasing Experience That’s a Native Part of Its App

In our Companies of the Future series, we take a look at Hubspot and how it has pivoted its sales-cycle towards its customer, dominating its B2B market. “Contracts” and “needing to tailor an order to a customer” are not good excuses to avoid investment in instrumenting your app for a self-serve purchase. The only time that’s an okay excuse is if you’re only doing six-figure deals. Not all customers want to go back and forth on legal terms. In fact, many would simply accept legal terms as-is if you added a clickwrap agreement to a purchasing flow. If it feels like a contract, your customers will feel the need to send it to their legal team for review. Hubspot has built a great purchasing experience that is a native part of their app. For larger deals, of course, they negotiate contracts and customize the orders, but they have made a significant investment in technology-based processes that make it incredibly easy to buy. (taken from How to Get on the Self-Service Bus Before It’s Too Late)

Make Your Purchasing Experience Gratifying to Your Customer Today

There are methods that can be implemented into your business today that can improve your checkout workflow, appeasing your consumer and closing more deals. We can help you identify those areas—talk to us today.

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Our 6-part series from our CPO, "Thinking Like a Tech Company in 2018" highlights the shifts in consumer behavior and its impact on how we do business today. 

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