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Work Someplace Awesome: Making prospect calls from Costa Rica

By Anna Funke on Aug 6, 2019 9:09:00 AM

PactSafe's office already has huge perks: a snack closet that is perpetually stocked with peanut butter pretzel nuggets, a kegerator, and a Pac-Man machine, but one of our more unique policies has recently led me to Costa Rica: the Work Someplace Awesome policy.

PactSafe's “Work Someplace Awesome” policy, which is probably my favorite PactSafe perk, reimburses employee travel expenses (up to a certain amount) once every calendar year when they work someplace awesome. Past awardees of this stipend have visited Paraguay, San Francisco, Morocco, Margaritaville in South Carolina, and elsewhere. I’ve never heard of another company offering a stipend like this.

Ever since an exchange trip to Toulouse, France, where I lived with a French family for two weeks, speaking to them exclusively in my broken French and beginning what would become a lifelong pursuit of The Perfect Crêpe, I’ve been a big fan of international travel. After traveling to the United Kingdom, France (again), Vietnam, Australia, and Indonesia during my college years, I promised myself that after graduation I would do whatever I needed to do to leave the country at least once a year. Lucky for me, I landed in a sales role at a company that enabled me to do just that.

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