Adore Me: Scaling 2x Growth With Click-Through

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of 2018 tech trends_ industries leveraging data (2)Adore Me is a fast-paced women’s intimates startup, growing at a rapid rate that’s setting the benchmark for its industry. Adore Me has experienced exponential year-over-year growth since its inception, with revenues skyrocketing from $1M in 2012 to $84M in 2016. The company's customer base has grown to consist of over 11M women, predominantly urban millennials, and 80% of its traffic comes from mobile.

With this large customer group and many mobile shoppers, Adore Me needed a click-through solution for its online terms and agreements that could scale with its rapid growth and provide a strong customer experience across all its platforms. In addition to needing a solution that could scale Adore Me’s increasing growth, the company needed a solution that was also easy to implement.

Automating Processes Through Click-Through

Through PactSafe’s click-through solution, Adore Me is able to automate the tracking processes of user agreements, saving time and manpower – two of the most valuable resources at a startup. With our click-through technology, Adore Me creates seamless and automated workflows by easily plugging PactSafe's platform into its existing tech stack. PactSafe’s flexible API makes it possible for Adore Me to access the PactSafe solution from anywhere.

From the time of implementation and deployment of our click-through solution, Adore Me has seen a 47% increase in annual revenue generated and 2.3X growth in the number of active customers, year-over-year. See what Adore Me's Head of Business & Brand Development had to say about the results generated in our case study.

A Powerful, Scalable Click-Through API

Like Adore Me's results show, automating click-through workflows saves time and money. We help businesses do this across their entire digital ecosystem, so your seamless workflow carries through all facets of your business.

Our API plugs directly into a business's subscriber registration and checkout flows to track acceptance and other legal events associated with important legal terms. We then arm companies with 3rd-party, immutable PDF records of clickthrough acceptance for every single user or customer—created right at the moment of acceptance. (See how we also do this specifically for the new GDPR regulations that come into play May 25, 2018.)

As the world's only click-through API, we've built analytics and insights around our solution, complete with a dashboard designed for the unique needs of counsel in ecommerce, saas, and other businesses that rely on massive scale click-through contracting.

See How a Click-Through Solution Can Double Your Growth:

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