5 Ways a Clickthrough Goes Beyond Customer Acceptance

5 ways clickthrough goes beyond customer acceptance

A clickthrough allows businesses to scale without significantly increasing risk. It’s a box or button that users check or click to manifest their acceptance of online terms. But collecting and storing customer acceptance and consent is just one way businesses benefit from a clickthrough. In fact, a clickthrough is a versatile tool that provides amazing insights while helpging you stay fast, compliant, and secure.

Clickthroughs are faster and more secure than pen and paper signing

 A clickthrough is the fastest way to sign a contract. If you're using a clickthrough agreement to its full potential, chances are your website's "I Accept" button is well-placed and obvious. Clickthrough agreements are also very versatile, as they can be used effectively for gaining customer acceptance for Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Subscription Renewal, and many others. 

Further, all information transferred to and from PactSafe is 256-bit SSL encrypted, including usernames and passwords. PactSafe’s clickthrough solution is designed to keep your contracts secure and prevent tampering of your contracts, and your electronic records. 

How a clickthrough can help optimize your business data

The majority of online marketplace businesses rely on personalized consumer accounts individuals create when first accessing the platform. Because of the nature of this process, it’s imperative that proper legal steps are taken to ensure that the exchange is secure for both the company and consumer.

Clickthrough agreements are an efficient, secure way of getting customer consent, and can benefit businesses greatly. In fact, clickthroughs go beyond collecting and storing customer acceptance, and provide amazing insight that helps you optimize your business.

1. Triggered Recordkeeping

Likewise, their digital recordkeeping capability is a huge bonus. When a customer signs a contract, a durable electronic record is being made at the same time. This record contains the contract, proof of any authentication measures, a basic signer digital thumbprint, and a time-stamped audit trail of all activity related to a contract and its signers. A digital record of your online agreements keeps both your company and your clients protected.

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2. Speed up sales processes

Clickthroughs allow sales teams to get a “yes” from customers more quickly than any other type of agreement - whether that is via website or in person. Delivering a contract to a prospect wherever they are means they can accept the terms faster, rather than wait for days after they receive the contract to read it, print it, sign it, scan it, and send it back.

3. Quickly track sales metrics

Using technology like PactSafe allows you to easily track the number of customer acceptances gained. Within seconds of executing agreements via clickthrough, a digital record is created verifying the contract version, completion date, and signer identification. Businesses that use PactSafe’s clickthrough solution can easily track sales data from customers straight from Salesforce.

4. Reduce customer disputes

PactSafe's tools automatically generate a PDF of acceptance for consumers. Complete with tracking data that proves acceptance to terms, these can be used to both enforce agreed-to provisions during the sales process and also help promote clarity and understanding with customers.

5. Increase customer upgrades and renewals

Automated digital recordkeeping also notifies customers when the contract is close to expiration. This way, instead of embarking on an in-person trip to renew the product (which, of course, is sometimes necessary) the contract can be renewed with a single click in a matter of seconds. If your customer is already satisfied and has no changes to make for doing business in the following year, this is a great renewal strategy! You maintain business while also saving lots of time.

PactSafe’s clickthrough solution can help businesses remain compliant, scale quickly, and make smart decisions based off customer data. Clickthroughs are just as enforceable, yet the contract execution platform makes them much more powerful. Overall, by implementing a clickthrough solution, you will leave very little room for legal mishaps.

That not only will keep your legal counsel happy, but more importantly, keep your customers happy.

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