5 SaaS Trends to Watch in 2017

5 SAAS TRENDS TO WATCH IN 2017.pngWhile numerous SaaS companies were busy earning praise this year and being honored on lists like “The Best Business Products of 2016”, much is left to conquer within the world of SaaS this New Year.

These five SaaS industry trends in particular, will be on the rise throughout 2017. Put them on your watch list as we embark on another innovative year.

Artificial Intelligence

With Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Siri’s Macbook debut, the AI personal assistant space certainly boomed in 2016. Forbes Top 17 Tech Trends for 2017 sees these companies building unique strengths throughout the new year to up their individual presences across the board.

Home improvement and simplification is certainly a trend amongst AI as well with lights, garage doors, and more coming to life with a mere tap of your smartphone. There are lots of concerns as AI becomes more predominant in technology advancement. Stay tuned for some heated debates and hopefully no malevolent AI.


Mobile-friendly applications are going to be a must as smartphones and tablets are becoming the standard for both employees and customers. In Computer World’s Forecast 2017 survey, 35% of respondents polled said they plan to increase spending on mobile systems in 2017. 10% are beta-testing apps and 21% of those hiring at their place of work are looking to add team members with mobile application and device management skills.

Mobility is reducing costs for companies to outfit their employees’ desks, makes working remotely possible, and helps increase customer response time. However, an increase of both mobile applications and mobile workers makes security even more important.


Device security is going to be vital throughout 2017. The rise of mobile provides multiple points of entry for security breaches, exposing personal and enterprise networks alike. Remote working, as mentioned above, exposes the tech talent force to public open spaces with unencrypted networks making those of us who work remotely more vulnerable to hackers. Malware can even be injected into printers intercepting the data transferred from device to device leaving more to be protected.

Data security on websites and checkout flows is already pretty poor, so we aren't upset about the anticipated improvements! We hope to see increased solutions for these pains early on in 2017. The need is especially dire as we accomplish everything via smartphone, tablet, and notebook.


SaaS is so predominant that it is expanding beyond itself to something being called the XaaS model, “Everything-as-a-Service.” Many manufacturers and channel partners are enforcing pay-as-you-go models to scale their companies as they embrace new technology through cloud-based services. With SaaS as the grandfather of this idea, software will continue to be applied to new things such as printing needs, manufacturing, and other services.


It's no longer effective enough for b2b SaaS companies to have products that are masters to just one function. The products that already fuflfill their respective niches well will be moving towards an even more developed platform in 2017, if they haven't already. Hubspot, for example, is all over the board introducing collaborative spaces inside their CRM and task management tools.

We expect more SaaS companies to expand on what they are currently dominating and move into different spaces as they evolve from single product services to platforms. 

These top emerging trends are surrounded by miles of new ideas amongst SaaS, IT, and IoT. 2017 is surely going to be an innovative year.

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