4 Ways to use PactSafe that you Haven't Thought About

Four Ways to use PactSafe that you Haven't Thought About-2.pngWe know that PactSafe is the first and only cloud-based legal system of record out there on the market. PactSafe can file and organize any company’s paperwork electronically and allows companies to electronically send contracts to customers and businesses alike. Our product enables signers to use a clickwrap to e-sign contracts, making business flow a lot quicker and easier.

Here are some awesome PactSafe features that you may not have thought about and can start using today.

Styling your Legal Center to Match your Brand

Having something easy on the eyes for your customers to look at is vital to keeping them interested in your product and keep sales coming in. With PactSafe, your company’s legal center can be tailored to match your logo, header & body background images/colors, responsive design, headline colors & fonts, body text colors & fonts, and showing/hiding the version dropdowns. Not feeling creative? Let us take that work off your hands and make your online legal agreements pop! Check out this example below for example:


Customizing Your Legal Center Domain

Not sure how to publish versions of your public contracts? With PactSafe, we can host a published version of your public contracts for you. To make sure that you are making a contract public, all you have to do is go to any contract details page that you have and just click “public”.

This enables the public feature of that contract and will publish that specific contract to what’s called the “Legal Center”. The Legal Center is a dedicated place for all of the public contracts that you have that PactSafe hosts for you. Once organized and labeled the way you want, sign up is as easy as a clickwrap!

Personalizing Embedded Contracts Using the JavaScript Library

For all of you tech wizards out there, our JavaScript library is very useful when embedding contract fields. PactSafe populates contract fields using a group in a clickwrap agreement. With PactSafe’s developer tools, integration is way less of a hassle. Shown below are a few steps to make your embedded contract more dynamic. Check it out:

In order to render dynamic contract data to your page, a few things need to happen. You have to tell PactSafe to render the contract dynamically as opposed to just uploading a contract, like so:

// SITE ACCESS ID found here:
_ps('create', '25b2b173-632a-4227-9877-31d2109d8c98', {
dynamic: true
Doing this enables us to process your smart data information based on that you can programmtically pass to your contract when the time comes for it to render. Insert nerd emoji here.

Identity Confirmation

Looking for that extra bit of security when sending an important contract over to a customer or other business? We also provide that for you! What our Identity Confirmation feature provides is the assurance that who you are doing business with is legitimate and creates an extra step to ensure you won’t be taken advantage of. The way to enable this feature with your contract is to activate the identity confirmation toggle in the right hand menu above “confirm signer identity.” By selecting this option, the contract signing flow will display an additional screen for signers to fill out after they click “Review Contract” in the signature request they receive via email. Check the graphic below:

Using PactSafe ensures the organization of your online contracts and the simplicity of doing business online is efficient through usage of clickwraps (“I Agree” checkboxes) to get signatures.

Whether it’s making your legal center match your brand on your website or providing that extra bit of security when sending over contracts, PactSafe’s multiple features can easily improve the functionality of the legal components of your business website.

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