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Announcing: PactSafe for Startups

Today we are excited to announce a brand new offering: PactSafe for Startups. View the original press release here.

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July Release: Filter requests, new signers view, and add images to contracts, and more

This month's release brings tons of amazing updates to improve creating, sending, and finding the contracts you need to track within PactSafe. We've added the ability to filter your signature requests, add images & tables to your contracts, add dynamic values to your clickwrap contracts, customize how you export, and other improvements to your experience.

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To avoid class actions, start treating your website legal terms like real contracts.

Your online business is humming along, people are signing-up and buying stuff online, all while you assume that the business is protected by the legal terms and conditions that you are (ideally) presenting via some clickwrap agreement.  Then POOF you get sued -- and not just any lawsuit -- but a dreaded class action lawsuit! You think "no problem, our terms and conditions have a class action waiver that requires arbitration."

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PokemonGO's Terms of Service & Privacy Policy are unenforceable legal disasters. Here's why.

If you're anything like us here at the PactSafe offices, you're probably spending a few minutes over lunch this week wandering around the streets outside your office trying to catch Pokemon. If you're not, well don't worry -- the guilt, shame, and embarassment of walking around as a grown adult playing an adaptation of a late-90s children's game wears off quickly. There's still plenty of time for you to catch up, reach Level 5, and head over to the nearest Pokemon Gym in your neighborhood to do battle.

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3 apps for SaaS that help you operate like an IndyCar Pit Crew

It's such an exciting time here in Indy in preparation for the Indy 500! When I think of the 500, I go deeper than all the drivers. There's SO MUCH that goes into making those cars fast enough to win on race day—the technology, the crews, the mechanics, the sponsors. That's why I wanted to share my own recommendations for how you can collaborate with employees, customers, and more better within your own business.

How much time per day do you spend replying to internal email? Or rely on email to manage internal processes? Or hate your customer support system? Here at PactSafe, we've been able to establish some awesome productivity & collaboration practices from Day 1. Really, I'd like to think of our team as efficient as one of Roger Penske's legendary Pit Crews. There are a lot of apps that have enabled the perfect level of collaboration to help us do our jobs as efficiently as possible. To the point where PactSafe has eliminated internal email. We reserve email exclusively for customer, investor, and partner communications. These are the apps I'd recommend to any business looking to up the collaboration game (while also upping the productivity game). 

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How to delete words like a Jedi (a May the 4th special)

This is a weekly series to help you get to know your computer better by learning the shortcuts that help you move faster across or within the apps you know and love. It takes practice, but habit forming shortcut usage can add up to days worth of time savings in a year. View my last post here.

Sometimes working with a computer feels like you're fighting the Dark Side. Especially if you continuously keep messing a word up you just can't seem to spell right ... Might make you a little angry...

<PECK PECK PECK PECK PECK PECK> as you smash away at the Delete or Backspace button on your keyboard. There has to be a better way than deleting one letter at a time when you want to revise a sentence or delete a line of text. Fear not! Today's Mac shortcut (also can be done on a PC!) will help you delete entire words or lines of text purely with your mind... Or... a really cool keyboard shortcut. Let's dive in!

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Enforcing Clickwrap Agreements is Becoming More Difficult

Remember the good 'ole days of carefree clickwrapping?  

Slap a checkbox on a form, create a link to a set of legal terms, and POOF you have a contract! (Ok so it never worked that way, just ask TransUnion or GoGo.)

In the past, judges have thumped clickwrap agreements for poor design, confusing presentation, and other no-no's that could typically be avoided with a bit of forethought.  A recent federal court order shows that courts (and lawyers) are really starting to dig into how clickwraps work, and what goes on behind the scenes.

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These 5 Gmail shortcuts will make you an email wizard

This is a weekly series to help you get to know your computer better by learning the shortcuts that help you move faster across or within the apps you know and love. It takes practice, but habit forming shortcut usage can add up to days worth of time savings in a year. View my last post here.

Gmail has over 1 BILLION monthly active users and has become an amazing communication tool for small, medium, and large businesses alike with their growth with Google Apps for Business. We use it and love it—and of course, as soon as I moved to Gmail for business (from Outlook), I had to learn all the shortcuts to make the most of my emailing needs. 

So let's look at 5 amazing time-saving Gmail shortcuts that will make you an email wizard.

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Closing deals starts with contract management

Furthering employee education often begins with communication skills, leadership, and teamwork--which are surely integral components of a functioning workplace. However, if you could create value within other facets of your business, wouldn't you?

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PactSafe is Hiring! Now: Account Executive & Senior Software Engineer

Do you want to build your own career path in a young, hungry, SaaS startup? Have you ever visited the hip, culturally booming Broad Ripple Village? Are you interested in working there on a regular basis in prime real-estate walking distance from coffee shops, restaurants, and cultural trails? Does a company space ship mean anything to you?

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