Rapid Growth = Need to Scale

Adore Me is a fast-paced women’s intimates startup, growing at a rapid rate that’s setting the benchmark for its industry. Adore Me has experienced exponential year-over-year growth since its inception, with revenues skyrocketing from $1M in 2012 to $84M in 2016. The company's customer base has grown to consist of over 11M women, predominantly urban millennials, and 80% of its traffic comes from mobile.


With this large customer group and many mobile shoppers, Adore Me needed a click-through solution for its online terms and agreements that could scale with its rapid growth and provide a strong customer experience across all its platforms. In addition to needing a solution that could scale Adore Me’s increasing growth, the company needed a solution that was also easy to implement.



“Being customer centric, we constantly test and track our customer journey, and the ultimate goal is always to make it as smooth and easy as possible for the customer. Terms of service agreements are 

important for consumers, but they are equally important for us – thus finding a smart solution that can serve both was cherished.”

Iris Voltaire, Adore Me

Head of Business & Brand Development



Through PactSafe’s click-through solution, Adore Me is able to automate the tracking processes of user agreements, saving time and manpower – two of the most valuable resources at a startup. With our click-through technology, Adore Me creates seamless and automated workflows by easily plugging PactSafe's platform into its existing tech stack. PactSafe’s flexible API makes it possible for Adore Me to access the PactSafe solution from anywhere.


Wrapping a complex process of legality of a purchase into a seamless and easy-to-use process — both on the front and backend — is truly an innovation.”

Iris Voltaire, Adore Me



Implementing PactSafe’s click-through solution has allowed Adore Me to meet its goal of supreme customer satisfaction and tracking users’ terms of agreement in a scalable and measurable way. From the time of implementation and deployment, Adore Me has measured the following results: 


"We have been truly impressed by the results generated by PactSafe’s tracking capabilities."

Iris Voltaire, Adore Me


The core of the PactSafe platform is a powerful, scalable click-through API capable of processing billions of click-through agreement acceptance events. After a simple one-time integration our API allows Adore Me developers and product managers to free themselves from click-through legal terms-related issues, giving them more time to build and enhance their product and apps.


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