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Certify your company's one-to-many digital legal agreements with PactSafe

Who agreed to your company’s terms of service, disclaimer, or privacy policy?
The PactSafe Certification proves it.

Control and minimize legal risk.

Through careful research, we’ve developed comprehensive best practice for implementing your browsewrap & clickwrap agreements. Your lawyers draft your agreements — we are the experts in making sure those agreements are implemented in an enforceable way. The best part? All it requires from you is copy & paste of our badges (short snippets of code).

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Enforceability & Certification

Publish all your digital legal agreements in minutes.

Use our WYSIWYG to easily format your agreement, publish it to the web, and copy & paste our widget to drop it into your company’s site. It couldn’t be easier to protect your company with PactSafe.

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One-click Publishing

Legal and data transparency.

Your customers want you to be transparent in how you’re using their personal data and what terms they’re agreeing to. Don’t bury it in your footer. The PactSafe Browsewrap Badge certifies your company’s commitment to being transparent with your customers.

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The PactSafe Badge

Streamline workflows for updating your agreements.

Once you get PactSafe set up on your website or mobile platform, all of your digital legal terms can be managed and modified without the need to get your development team involved. Let your development team concentrate on the development, and let PactSafe handle the deployment of legal agreements across all of your digital platforms.

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Painless implementation of PactSafe

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