The Digital Legal Engine™ for websites and mobile apps.

Protect your business and unlock the delivery and management of your digital legal agreements, disclaimers, and privacy policies.

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The Digital Legal Engine™ for websites and mobile apps

PactSafe is unlocking the who, what, when, where, and how of digital legal agreements you have on your website or mobile app.

Control legal risk.

We’ve developed comprehensive best practices for  browsewrap & clickwrap agreements – reducing the risk that agreements are implemented in an unenforceable way. The best part? All it requires from you is copy & paste of our badges (short snippets of code).

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Enforceability & Certification

One-click publishing.

Use our WYSIWYG to easily format your agreements, publish,and modify your digital legal agreements – all with the click of a button.

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One-click Publishing

Clear. Conspicuous. Transparent.

Your customers want you to be transparent, and the law requires it.  The PactSafe Browsewrap Badge certifies your company’s commitment to being transparent with your customers, and helps you comply with the law.

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The PactSafe Badge

Painless implementation.

After a simple, one time implementation, every aspect of your digital legal terms can be managed and modified without the need to get your development team involved.

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Painless implementation of PactSafe

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