Your SaaS business should care about digital record-keeping because organization, reputability, and reliability are key factors to your success.


Don’t live in a past of paper records-- easily transfer all contracts into the cloud using PactSafe’s contract management system. In order to move business forward, it is critical to understand the importance of multi-user management, enterprise configuration, integrations, contract version control, and reporting.


eSignatures automagically configure any digital record you could possibly need. With click-to-sign eSignatures, your contracting tools for SaaS are a tap away, all in one place. PactSafe’s Signature Acceleration Platform is native to mobile, allowing you to read contracts on your smartphone, send them for approval, or sign them with one tap or click. Why not sign in a completely innovative, legally binding way?


Eliminate legal battles before they happen. 

What is better than an easy webform that captures customer data with extreme ease? The record that follows gaining customer acceptance! This record covers your company’s back if things are ever to get messy. Since clickable agreements for SaaS render digital records as soon as they are signed and are supported by eSignature law and are enforceable in court.


On the flip side, if a customer is satisfied with your service, fulfills their annual subscription, and is ready to renew, this record makes the previous contract easy to access, amend, and sign. Understanding that your SaaS business should rely on digital record-keeping, will help your business naturally gain customers faster, more often, and keep them longer.

Loved by legal, sales, and product teams alike.