Software as a Service is built around maintaining long-term relationships with customers.

Most of these long-term relationships are secured by protecting customers and their information. Users are extremely concerned about their privacy while using products and want to make sure that they have complete uninterrupted access to the data within the software service at all costs.


What legal content do SaaS companies use that I have to worry about?

It is imperative that within SaaS agreements, the following information about your product is covered:

  • Levels of data security, confidentiality, and privacy
  • How, where, and when data is backed up
  • Company history
  • Data backup capabilities from server to computer both during subscription duration and afterwards

These agreements are not only vital to gaining customer compliance, but also to protect SaaS companies and the services they are providing with third-party data. Be upfront and open about how your company’s data security is, to avoid backpedaling  if something goes wrong.

So much must be covered in order to legally protect your SaaS business, it might as well be done in the easiest fashion possible: eSigning. This is a legally binding method of obtaining customer acceptance via clickwrap webforms that create automatic digital records validating what your company promises its customers.