5 Steps to Solving Your US-EU Safe Harbor Problem

Learn how your business can quickly and easily address any legal concerns you or your customers may have regarding the repeal of the US-EU Safe Harbor.

Does your global business have data stored in the US? 

You need this guide.

On October 6, 2015, US-EU Safe Harbor was repealed by the highest court in the EU. If your business is relying on this safe harbor self-certification to export data from the EU to the US, you need to take a new approach in order to comply with the security requirements of the Directive. Otherwise, your business will be subject to interruptions or prosecution by EU member states.

This guide outlines how using the approved EU Commission Model Contracts is a fast, simple, and elegant solution for complying with the EU Privacy Directive in minutes, not days or weeks.

In this guide, you will learn how to:

  • Download, review, and customize the model contracts
  • Present the model contracts for review
  • Record acceptance of the model contract
  • Generate a durable record of the accepted model contract
Disclaimer: Nothing contained in this guide is to be considered as the rendering of legal advice. Readers are responsible for obtaining such advice from their own legal counsel. This guide is intended for informational purposes only, and should only be used in connection with independent legal advice.

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