What's a Unilateral NDA?

Also known as a one-way NDA, a unilateral NDA is one type of confidentiality agreement.

By definition, a unilateral non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is a legal contract that binds the receiving party to keep the defined information confidential. Unlike a mutual NDA, which is signed by two parties and both are bound to keep the information disclosed about the other in confidence, a one-way NDA only protects the information of the disclosing party.

A unilateral NDA is often used in situations where only one party has information to protect. It can be used with:

  • Employees
  • Freelancers or independent contractors
  • Clients
  • Vendors
  • Intellectual property licenses and assignment


One-way NDA's often cover:

  • Information about the parties involved
  • Details about what information is protected under the agreement
  • A defined length of time for how long the information must be kept confidential
  • The consequences of a breach
  • Method of resolution in the event of a breach

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