Solution Snapshot

Use Case: Click-through agreements for subscription eCommerce businesses

Verticals: eCommerce, Saas, On-demand services











Platform Features

  • Centralized Management of subscription legal terms
  • Version control with full audit trail
  • Seamless Acceptance Tracking
  • Easy to produce PDF records



Case Studies / Downloads

The Subscription Economy is exploding. So are legal issues and customer disputes.

In the recurring revenue era, valid contractual agreements are a necessity. In the era of a "right-now" world demanding speed and scalability, obtaining those agreements without a click-through process is not only impractical, but nearly impossible. 

As regulators increase burdens on subscription model companies, customer disputes increase, and class-action hawks lurk, how can you ensure easy, cost-effective protection and efficient dispute resolution?

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How can PactSafe help you avoid legal pitfalls in your subscription eCommerce business?

Seamless acceptance with automated recordkeeping.

With PactSafe, you can seamlessly embed our API into your subscriber registration and checkout flows to track acceptance and other legal events associated with your important legal terms. From there, PactSafe can arm you with 3rd-party, immutable PDF records for every single user or customer — created right at the moment of acceptance. 


Gain control over all subscriber legal terms and agreements.

Changing regulations and your global audience demand agile systems for legal terms updates and jurisdiction-specific contracts. Make changes, push out updates, and prompt different provisions based on region and customer type all with the PactSafe platform. Our integrations make it easy to import updates, too.


Modifications to subscription legal terms and notifications become simple.

Your subscription legal terms are always changing and evolving. PactSafe can help automate the process of gaining acceptance of new and revised legal terms among your existing customers by capturing acceptance at login, automating the notification process, and more!


Empower your engineers to build the things that matter to your product.

After a simple one-time integration, developers, and product managers can take subscription legal terms-related issues completely off their hands, giving them more time to build and enhance your products and apps.   


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