Don’t waste time building out your clickwrap forms and online legal pages, or copying and pasting legal terms from another site. Plug in PactSafe, and focus on what’s important...your business and your product.

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If you had to prove who accepted your online legal terms when signing up for your product, how much time would it take (probably a lot)?

Could you do it (probably not)?

Try explaining that to a customer, investor or worse, a judge!




PactSafe solves this for you (and we include free templates).

And with PactSafe for Startups, you can sign up without killing your budget!



PactSafe is the only API and Javascript Library that plugs into your web apps, websites, and mobile apps to streamline publishing,
 acceptance tracking, and notifications for your legal terms. We capture and structure acceptance data to help you maximize enforceability, simplify record keeping, create binding contracts, and enable real legal analytics.

Think about it. You need to know these answers to your questions when talking to investors, lawyers, and even customers:

  • Who accepted your Terms of Service?
  • Could you produce understandable, tamper-proof records of acceptance for your clickwraps?
  • Could you properly notify your customers about, and capture acceptance of, an updated Privacy Policy?

PactSafe empowers you to do all of this and more, instantly with the push of a button.

And the best part is how super easy it is to implement (below we even have a quote about how easy it is)!


What is in the package?

Our startup package includes everything you need to quickly get up and running with PactSafe:

  • Plug and play clickwrap for your signup or checkout flow.
  • Attorney drafted templates for Terms of Use, Term of Service, Privacy Policies and more.
  • Developer sandbox access.
  • A branded cloud based legal center.
  • A dashboard for managing all of your electronic contracts.
  • Access to our outbound, eSignature solution.

Most importantly, you get 1 seat and API access for up to 1000 signers, for 12 months, for free!

Startup Company Eligibility Requirements

Before you apply, make sure you meet the following criteria:




You must have less than $1M in funding and less that $1M in aggregate lifetime revenue.


 Accelerator / Incubator         

You must have graduated from an approved accelerator or incubator.


 PactSafe Affiliation         

You must not be a current PactSafe customer.



You must have less than 1000 customers.

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