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$2.2 Million

FTC fines to Vizio for deceptive data practices


Percent of annual revenue that can be penalized under GDPR


FTC fines for failure to quickly comply with enforcement order

PactSafe can help you reduce data privacy related risk and ensure confidence in your policy and consent tracking.

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GDPR Compliant Consent Tracking

Active consent related to privacy policies is no longer optional under GDPR. To stay compliant, you need to be tracking opt-ins and opt-outs to your data privacy policies. A fast and simple integration of PactSafe's consent tracking API will help you become, and stay, compliant.  

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Centralized Data

Changing regulations and lack of global congruence on the law demand agile systems for policy updates and jurisdiction-specific policies. Make changes, push out updates, and prompt different provisions based on region and customer type all with the PactSafe platform. Our integrations make it easy to import updates, too.


Embeded Policy Management

After a simple one-time integration, developers & product managers can take privacy policy acceptance tracking & version records completely off their hands. Our APIs and libraries make it simple to leverage as much or as little of PactSafe's feature set as you'd like.


Automated Recordkeeping

With increased scrutiny to privacy laws & regulations, a better system of recordkeeping is necessary. With new worldwide regulations like the GDPR that ask for active assent or opt-ins, PactSafe can arm you with 3rd-party, immutable PDF records for every single user or customer -- created right at the moment of acceptance. You can use PactSafe for internal policies and external policies.

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