What do you do next?

To complete your install of the PactSafe for Salesforce app, here are your 5 next steps:

1. Update the "PactSafe Canvas" settings within your Connected App settings.

Go to Setup and find "Connected Apps" on the left menu (or use Quick Find). Click to edit the PactSafe Canvas Connected App and update the following setting:

Click "OK" and then "Save".

2. Ensure the PactSafe Canvas Connected App is given the right permissions based on the profiles you want to access PactSafe.

You'll want to enable the Connected App for all the relevant users of your Salesforce instance. Note: all users who need access to PactSafe through Salesforce need to have a username setup in PactSafe. To learn how to add PactSafe users, check out our Knowledgebase.

For each Profile you want to have access, you'll want to ensure the Connected App is enabled. Here's a view of the System Administrator Profile:

Manage integration licenses. Once you've set up the PactSafe users to map to their Salesforce email address, you'll need to go to Setup > Installed Packages and manage the licenses for your Salesforce users inside of your account:

You can then assign your users on who should have access to the PactSafe integration. Each user costs $20 per month and is charged through Salesforce Checkout. Please contact us if you have any questions!

3. Add the "PactSafe Requests" Related List to your Opportunity Page Layout(s).

To get PactSafe Requests to show up with your Opportunities, edit your Opportunity Page Layout and drag on the "PactSafe Requests" Related List:

Click "Save". You can repeat this for Accounts and Contacts.

4. Authenticate into your Salesforce account from the PactSafe application.

Note: This requires a PactSafe account. Fill out the form on the right if you don't already have one.

To enable the PactSafe integration, you'll need to go to the Integrations section of PactSafe (this requires speaking to someone at PactSafe to get this enabled, FYI) and login to your Salesforce instance:

5. Add all the users by their Salesforce email address (not username).

Ready to get started? Login to PactSafe to begin the authentication process into Salesforce. Once you login, you can invite users to your account.

And voila! Off you go! Want more help getting started?

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