How Online Terms Can Make or Break Marketplace Apps

Your terms of service are the most important contract in your business 

And that’s why they should be left to the professionals - the legal team. When it comes to online marketplaces, one contract is the cornerstone of your business: your terms. If your terms do not hold up, no other transaction on your platform really matters. So how can you balance the importance of enforcing your terms, while maintaining a rapid and smooth experience for your buyers? How can legal be an asset in this department instead of a bottleneck?

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Benefit of Good Terms Management: Seamless and Secure Online Agreements

Marketplaces are meant to help facilitate business in an efficient, low touch way, and variable terms and unique products shouldn't prevent a seamless experience. Companies like DoorDash and Upwork have powerful back end functionality that doesn't disrupt the user flow. This eBook has tips for managing online terms for your marketplace products that will transform your agreements into seamless, automated transactions that will hold up in court.



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In this eBook, you will learn:

  • Legal considerations for building terms management into your app
  • How DoorDash and Upwork make it work
  • The importance of screen design
  • How to more effectively prepare for court.